Salt Lake City nurse and hero of the Republic Alex Wubbels may well have prevented Utah state and Salt Lake City cops from apparently attempting to slur the character or frame the victim of a car-and-truck crash precipitated by Utah Highway Patrol’s provocation of a high-speed car chase with the loser of the hour on July 26.

Wubbels mild and plain-spoken heroism exposed her to a violent assault and unlawful detainment by an apparently intriguing police officer on July 26 apparently attempting to set up an evidentiary framework to prove that the victim of the car crash bore some or all liability for the injuries in the crash their recklessness precipitated.

Watch this video of Wubbels being assaulted at the University of Utah Hospital and know that Wubbels understood full well the mortal and physical dangers she exposed herself to, placing herself between an enraged lawless goon and something that he wanted. None of us who have not gone into combat to preserve freedom can understand the existential and spiritual horror of throwing yourself in the path of certain injury for an idea that human beings do have inalienable rights.

None of us need know any gods before Alex Wubbels to understand the difference between right and wrong and why it matters. What state and county prosecutors need to interrogate is the specific rationale for assault artist SLC Detective Jeff Payne pursuing a sample of the crash victim’s blood far beyond what the law allowed, law he knew intimately as a certified phlebotomist for the department.

Here’s the nut of story, Stinquertariate: “The patient, [police reservist] William Gray of Idaho, was driving a semi truck in Northern Utah when he was struck head-on by a man who veered into oncoming traffic on a highway in Wellsville on July 27. That driver, who died in the crash, was fleeing from the police in a high-speed chase. Utah Highway Patrol officers were responding to calls about an erratic driver, and the man, Marco Torres, 26, led police on a chase rather than get pulled over and detained.”

The moment Torres’ car hit the truck, likely the only thing on the cops’ minds was their pensions and diversion of liability of the crash to the truck driver who was nearly killed and will be crippled for life by their decision to entertain themselves with a high speed car chase.

If State and County prosecutors at all give a shit about justice, they’ll grab the logs of all cell phones, SMS and email logs of the pursuing UHP cops and all SLC cops and any county and state medical personnel who would likely do the analysis of the blood that Payne was apparently so eager to use to prove that Gray was whacked out of his mind.

In the time period framed by Torres’ collision with the Gray’s truck and the delivery of Gray to the hospital, prosecutors need to search records for communications between UHP and SLC cops and county or state medical personnel that point to collusion to deliver analyses conclusions indicating Gray’s loss of control due to some kind of intoxication.

It’s well within the realm of possibility that Payne was going nuts to get a draw, any draw, on record because even if SLC cops have all the city or county lab guys in their pocket, they can’t bribe them or threaten them into confecting results that Gray was stoned and/or drunk if they have no sample at all.

For his part, Payne was already plotting revenge against the hospital for interfering with his plot to violate Gray’s unconscious, burned body and spit on a Supreme Court Decision he knew protected the gravely injured reserve officer.

The website reported transcriptions of Payne’s body cam on September 1, apparently from the day Payne assaulted and stuffed the hero patriot Wubbels into a patrol car. In Payne’s bodycam video, reported, Payne can be heard telling cops how he was going to dump the most vile and troublesome injured people he could find at Wubbels’ hospital. reported from Payne’s body camera transcript:

“I wonder how this will affect my Gold Cross job,” Payne says. “I bring patients here.”

Another officer replies, “Yeah, I don’t think they’re going to be very happy with it.”

Payne responds: “I’ll bring them all the transients and take good patients elsewhere.”



Watch her get excommunicated for not obeying a priesthood holder (not kidding). She’s in SLC, so she might not be a practicing Mormon. But this is the land where girls are still taught to kill themselves if they are raped. It will be interesting to see if they hold a Court of Love.

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