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What the fuck to say other than a gutteral scream while clutching the nearest furry dog/cat/rabbit while searching for the nearest bong or bottle of vodka or Jane Austen novel?

So many things to say or think. Hard to prioritize the outrage. Where to start?  The ongoing open season on black and brown people, the hypocrisy of law enforcement who chuckle at a bunch of white wing-nuts making up for their small penises with big guns at the the Starbucks but have their sniper guns pointed at the heads of protesters with their hands in the air, the horrifying militarization of Barney Fifes of rural ‘Merikah with surplus weapons-grade body armor/machine guns/tanks, or the beatings and arrests of citizens just trying to get home or reporters trying to document the siege of the civilians.

McDonalds Tank

Pay attention to what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri. The media has been banned, there is a no fly zone over the city. The police killed an unarmed black teenager and the protesters are surrounded by military grade police force with armored vehicles, assault weapons and tear gas.

tear gasTwo members of the local government have been arrested for joining the protesters. The press has been arrested and assaulted. Your civil rights are being tossed to the wind by this police force.

Brought to you by the Patriot Act and post-9/11 hysteria.

Something truly terrifying is happening right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave where ostensibly race is no longer an issue because we have a black President.

Suffer the Little Children

I’m waiting for the NRA to get in there and tell these people they have the right to arm themselves against aggressive government action.

Oh. Wait.


I’m sure that in an alternate reality the NRA is all over this, but in that reality Ron Paul was elected preznit and guns are free gifts when you purchase 5 or more boxes of any General Mills cereals.

Things apparently got better when non asshole cops took over from the “respect mah authoritah” Eric Cartman gun’em down in cold blood Ferguson ones.

All of the military gear and none of the required military discipline.

Meanwhile, the good people at the Southern Poverty Law Center who monitor hate groups so we don’t have to, are reporting that the Missouri chapter of the KKK is raising money for a legal fund/reward for the cop who killed Michael Brown.

ADD: Rand Paul making sense? What have we come to?

@SanFranLefty: Even a broken, racist, cracker clock is right twice a day.

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