Please let him serve the whole 109 years.


If his mug shot has half of the awesome-sauce of Tom DeLay’s, I will pee my pants laughing. And this wasn’t some liberal Austin grand jury either!

@SanFranLefty: I want a number on that photo. And I loved when Molly Ivins pointed out that Texas has exactly one campaign finance law, and DeLay managed to break it.

Arraignment, mug shot with number, and new hashtag of #RickeyDon’tLoseThatNumber will be so sweet.

@weejee: I was hoping our resident poet, ManchuCandidate, could do something with “Rick’s indicted, and it feels so good / Rick’s indicted, and it’s understood….”

In more important news, all the barn swallows have now gone even the juveniles, there is a young bear who has taken up residence in the woods above the house and has taken to traipsing about the lawns, and I find I have a big old ash tree that is infested with Emerald Ash Borer. And no, that is not the name of the Duchess of Devonshire’s daughter.

@blogenfreude: Witty woman.

@blogenfreude: For the record, overturned on appeal.

@Benedick: Sorry about the tree. Will you have other trees treated to prevent them from spreading? It is pretty expensive from what I understand.

@nojo: Axelrod agreed with your assessment. And I think the mug shot was pretty smug.

@DElurker: Yeah, much as I’d like, I’m having a hard time buying this one. Does the Texas governor have the authority to yank funding? Does he have to provide Reasons? Does the stated pretext even matter?

The seeming comparison is Andrew Cuomo. You can rake Cuomo over the coals for what he did with an NY ethics panel, but nobody is saying he didn’t have the authority to do it.

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