And now, for a minute or two, Stinque Department of FurBabies presents something to take your mind off all the shit in the world.

Bulldog Puppy for Benedick:

Existentialist Cats and Jumping Bunnies if you click through!

The original Henri le Chat Noir video:

And a bunny jumping contest for Flippin:

You’re welcome.

ADD: Did somebody say corgis?

[Animal Planet: Cute Puppy Videos]

Aww, thanks Lefty. When I see the jumping bunnies vids, I’m always amazed at the idea of instilling discipline in rabbits. Mine would be like “bish, please” if I tried to train them.

Sweet. (why yes I am typing with a pug snoring in my lap, thanks for asking)

@Benedick: Only one?
@flippin eck: We taught the neighbor’s cat “sit” and are working on “shake” – he’s about halfway there.

@SanFranLefty: Two pugs can seriously fuck one’s access to F2.

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