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Ann Althouse, one-time Bad Law Professor of the Week, weighs in with her usual imbecilic observations about whether Obama made a blowjob joke (he didn’t):

Take the poll. (Does that sound dirty to you?!) But before you do, consider that Obama has a bone to pick — does that sound dirty to you? — with Bill Clinton right now, and given the strong association between Bill Clinton and blowjobs and the suspicion that Obama is currently pissed at Bill Clinton, he may have been engaging in some subtle jousting with Bill Clinton — does that sound dirty to you? —about the  sexual proclivities of their respective wives.

1) run on sentence? check

2) cluelessness? check

3) blind ignorance (real or feigned)? check

No link to anyone this stupid – find it  yourself if you haven’t already read enough stupid shit on the internet today.

Another wingnut tempest in a teapot.


He should have made a joke about a marvelous ape. That one leaves them rolling in the aisles.

What makes this so creepy is that Professor Althouse is a grandmotherly 61 years old.

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