Up From The Table Came a Bubblin’ Crude

The fine people of the Shell oil company held a private reception at the Space Needle to celebrate the voyage of two new Arctic rigs. As part of the festivities, a mini-rig was designed to pour generous libations for the guests.

At which point a Just and Merciful God decided to fuck with them.

[via Daring Fireball]


This smelled kinda like oil-soaked fish to us (and a lot of the internet), so I called Shell, and a spokesperson told me in no uncertain terms “I can confirm that this was not a Shell event.”

Grist’s guess: The Yes Men are back, baby!

Fakey McFakerson: Mini oil rig causes massive booze spill at Shell execs’ party [Grist]

That was as well thought out as AmeriKKKa’s energy “policies.”

Shell is now claiming that this is fake.

Incidents like that will give a person religion.

@Dodgerblue: Which is why they insisted on grabbing the cellphone at the end.

@Dodgerblue: Okay, fine, updated the post since somebody actually called Shell PR. Might be the Yes Men; definitely brilliant.

I wouldn’t believe Shell PR as far as I could throw it.

TJ/For thems that are interested, here is a reasonably detailed and balanced profile of Kamala Harris – a good bet to be the next national political figure out of Lotusland.

@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: If you speak corporateese, “This was not a Shell event” might mean any of the following:

We contracted the food service.
This is a vendor event put on for Shell.
Which event? Did you mean this one? Or this one? Mistakes might have been made in this statement.
Fuck you, little people, nobody will fact-check this anyway.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: Exactly.

Maybe I’m just particularly irritable today, but the rolling over on this, far and wide, on nothing more substantial than “Shell says so” is making me want to break things.

@I’m passing for white: Dude’s image might have taken a hit and the show is gone now, but the Gerber knife bearing his name is the best selling blade in the world. They are actually good knives (they are Gerbers, after all). My brother field dressed an elk with it last fall.


@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: Gawker has tied the videographer to a Yes Men stunt, but they’re still playing out the hoax with a fake press release.

So it’s not just “Shell says so” — a claim that could be easily disputed if the event was legit. But as far as hoaxes go, it’s pretty damn good.

@redmanlaw: I’ll take this dude as long as that’s dirt on his right arm and not hair.

@nojo: I actually know one of the actors involved. Fun times all around.

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