Oro en paz, fierro en guerra

That would be the motto of the San Francisco Police Department, which today became the first and only police department law enforcement agency in the country to contribute to the “It Gets Better” effort to dissuade LGBT kids from committing suicide.

As much as I can sometimes bitch about the whack-a-doodleness of The City, I can’t imagine a greater place to live in the United States.

And Flying Spaghetti Monster knows I needed a little something to take the edge off after reading Benedick’s post about Uganda and how the GOP is fighting the renewal of the Violence Against Women Act.

[SF Chronicle]

Re: the Violence Against Women act – apparently the GOP has decided they don’t need the votes of anyone in possession of a set of ladybits.

@al2o3cr: They’re no doubt working on a way to take the vote away from us.

@ Srta. Cynica: you mean we still have the vote? I assumed all of my fellow Vagina-Americans had already been herded into the camps Margaret Atwood told us to be sure to avoid. or do we have to wait until Frothy Mix takes the oath of office on the carcass of one of his dead fetuses?

Did you know StumbleUpon has a “Gay Culture” category? Did you know it doesn’t any more?

I’ve run more than 1400 posts through them. I know when something’s missing.

@nojo: We’ve had 1400 posts about teh gheyz? Or total?

@SanFranLefty: 1400 submitted to StumbleUpon. The process is that you select a primary topic from a very long drop-down list — dozens of selections. (Most of the time, I just choose “Politics”.) Time was, “Gay Culture” was among the selections. Not any more.

Not that “Gay Culture” is the best choice for such things. But it used to be the closest choice.

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