Kill the Gays.

The hideous ‘Kill the Gays’ bill is back in Uganda’s parliament. In the video you can hear the explosive reaction to its tabling. This in a country where a third of the economy is provided by foreign aid. Where these same MPs just voted themselves the equivalent of $44,000 to buy a car – I’m guessing not a Prius. Bahati claims that the death penalty for ‘aggravated homosexuality’ (not sure what that is – though I confess to knowing a few aggravating homosexuals) will be removed it hardly makes anything better.

Full coverage at the Throckmorton blog. It’s a long and dispiriting story. Clearly, as in the States (though yes, it’s getting better), attacking gay people is the fastest and easiest way to make a reputation and raise a ton of money.


A former British colony, no? That kicked out all the Asian shopkeepers and stole their stuff. Great bunch of guys.

British law (well, English), English language, English church, American evangelicals, a third of the economy – at least – comes from foreign aid, and they’re all defiant that they won’t be dictated to by a decadent, imperialist west.

Stinque Law inc. may wish to advise counsel on this particular matter, but “Aggravation” is usually indicative of the use of a weapon, or weapon like object in the committing of an offense.

Hence the charges Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Burglary, etc. It usually means a longer sentence in gaol when convicted.

(sorry about the spelling of jail, I work with a pedant and it’s rubbing off)

I now open the floor to discussion on how the hell does one commit aggravated homosexuality? Wouldn’t that just be rape?

@CheapBoy: In the context of this bill it means committing a homosexual act more than once. And the sentence as it stands is life in prison.

It seems that the bill is part of a broader assault on civil rights using gays as the scapegoat/excuse.

@Benedick: Never hear of aggravated in that context.

But fuck me. This is seventy-eleven different kinds of wrong. And they still don’t believe AIDS is caused by HIV.

I so want to get out the “Big Bitch Slap” glove and slap them sensible. I blame the evangelical missionaries and their donor dollars. They should be charged with accessory to murder if one person is executed.

But I can be a bit harsh.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: According to Australian taxation law, one cannot claim certain rebates if one has been gaoled for the full financial year. So I has to spell it like that.

Couldn’t they just say “incarcerated” ?

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Oh very much so.

There is no justification for capital punishment. Money has no religion other than itself. So you want the $$ you ditch that religious shit from your laws.

And the raping of female babies and nuns (by priests, too!) to cure HIV/AIDs.

Anything else?

Although, I am a tad unbalanced ATM. Off the anti-depressants and the hormones are fucking with my head.

@CheapBoy: Love you, Babe. It’ll settle. Did you go cold turkey?

TJ/ I emailed Asics. There must be an answer besides me taking up snow sport. I like trails as long as roots don’t go all Treebeard on my ass.

@Benedick: What does “soz” mean? (You provided the link; you provide the translation.) ::still reading:: 10 and 9 are pretty weak.

@Benedick: Okay. That’s beyond awesome, especially the teeny tiny sunglasses to protect the gays, such as.

@CheapBoy: In the context of the law of driving while intoxicated here in my bit of the Great Desert Southwest USA, “aggravated” means one was really, really drunk; or that a person caused bodily injury to one’s self or another; or, declined to blow (consent to a breath test).

@redmanlaw: Do you have that, “I just burped. Gimme a minute before I blow” thing?

@JNOV is like, Peace?: *uuuuuuuurrrrrpppppp* Yup. Suspect has to be under direct observation by an LEO for 20 minutes prior to a breath test. Someone who was watching a clock could easily buy themselves 60-90 minutes by belching, regurgating, or vomiting near the end of a 20 minute period, then the 20 minute clock for observation would reset. Assuming the person eventually did blow, the fuzz would still have to expend considerable resources getting a qualified expert to testify on the rate of metabolism of alcohol using the person’s mass and BAC at the time of the test and extrapolate to the time of arrest. I don’t think you could get a lab tech for that kind of testimony.

@Benedick: Soz wit Birks.

Nojo: Please post a picture of the socks you wear with your Birks. I assume it’s the same pair or several pairs of the same socks.

We’ve all wondered about your BirkAccoutrements, but we were afraid to ask. I mean, you live in a place where the mean temperature is what? 66 degrees? (What’s that in Celsius, Benedick?)

Anyway. Nojo. I’m sure you can work your feet into a post. We thank you.

(Yes. I like feet, okay?)

@redmanlaw: Goddam. I really need to get my gag reflex back.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: They already know how too. Night-stick to the bridge of the nose, and hold a bucket out to catch the blood.

@CheapBoy: Don’t give the drunk Aussies a bad name, Man! Represent!

@JNOV is like, Peace?: And yes. The darned chemist didn’t tell me it was the last repeat on the script. So I went cold turkey.

A week of bursting into tears or laughing manically, and then bursting into tears. Not a good place to be, especially the extra tension and jumpiness.

@CheapBoy: Christ on a crutch! Are you getting more? Then you have to titrate?

@JNOV is like, Peace?: I’m thinking grey wool with perhaps a red stripe round the top. The socks. I’m a pre metric Limey.

@CheapBoy: JNOV’s good with drugs.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: Nahhh, I just have another 2-3 weeks of building up again.

It’s soooooooo freaking exhausting to keep watching yourself to make sure I don’t got beserk. So I just have to really concentrate on keeping calm.

But I have seen the doc and got a new script. And she wasn’t happy that I left it too long. But I am really bad at remembering things *ooo! Look shiny thing!!* So took me a while to visit doc again.

*P.S. Hooray for socalised medicine!! *

@Benedick: I was thinking thick grey calf socks (REI, natch) with some sort of white worked into the weave. Maybe garters.

And yes, I’ve been on every crazy med except Risperdal and Haldol. And now I’m on very low doses of two, neither antipsychotics because, oh, I’m not psychotic. I’ll own annoying. Anyway, I feel so much better.

ETA: At least your motherland finally got on board. We still want to be British.

@CheapBoy: You are my twin. Oh, look! A squirrel! I calendar EVERYTHING. I make lists. If I don’t, well…what was that?

@Benedick: Wow, who set the bar on that? I tried to get through the article but I kept tripping over it.

@JNOV is like, Peace?: I finally upgraded to a smart phone from a brick. Now I have made calender entries for everything I usually forget.

Although, I did download “Deluxe Jewels” game. Cat is most peeved with the attention I pay to the phone instead of him.

Seriously: Black Eagle should just jump up and down on this, and watch the GOPers squirm. Hell — Frothy and Newtie just might throw in with the Ugandans.

But, no. He’s too…. nice for that.

@CB: That would be so anti-colonial to critique the Ugandan missionaries.

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