What the Chicken Saw

As we noted recently, Tim Pawlenty’s videographer made a bad career move switching to Rick Perry, because you expect Perry videos to look like they were directed by Michael Bay. Although now that Deranger Rick is trailing Newt – Newt! – in the polls, we might get some entertainment yet out of their misplaced bombast.

But the Ambitious Young Editor’s work is quickly being eclipsed by the comic genius behind Herman Cain!’s videos, which, following the instant classic of Thank Me for Smoking, are receiving renewed critical attention.

So we present for your viewing pleasure Not Without My Chicken!, a delightful romp that leaves us wondering whether the Herman Cain! campaign is less Andy Kaufman, and more The Producers. Because with material like this, surely the last thing they expect is to win.

[via Mother Jones]

It’s like a cross between early Mel Brooks and Quentin Tarantino. I’m not sure when it’s OK to laugh at them, either.

Yeah… I dunno. Hermie Cain! must not have read the same textbooks I did about the Wild West in US America.

Any political advice I need from an actor will come from Chuck Norris. Sorry Herman but you’re simply no Mike Huckabee.

“Hail Seitan”– Holiday Cooking Tip from Black Metal Vegan Chef.

New “My Drunk Kitchen” Halloween themed video coming Thursday. In the meantime, “Show Me Where Ya Noms At.”

I actually think that ad will resonate with people who already don’t like the President, but it won’t win anyone over. Too weird.

Jon Voit’s “Open Letter to America” on Huckabee’s show and a list of conservative artists in film and TV.


@Dodgerblue: Not in town. Probably up in the mountains. Today would be a good day to be looking for Mr. Elk as the high altitude snow would be pushing him down into the lower elevations.

@redmanlaw: Ah, yes, the lesser Baldwins. Where would we be without them?

@redmanlaw: Several years ago, I felt physically ill when I read that Sarah Michelle Geller is a Republican. I’ve refused to watch anything she’s been in since.

Generator shed double feature tonight: Yvonne, Renee and Loretta in “What the Parrot Saw” and Renee, Loretta and the Parrot in “What Yvonne Saw.”

How did Isla de Baked fare in this week’s hurricane?

/Caps lock TJ/

OKAY, BUT CAN WE DISCUSS HOW QADAFFI WROTE CONDI A SONG CALLED BLACK FLOWER IN THE WHITE HOUSE??? I mean sweet baby Jeebus, I feel you girl! As a fellow single lady who has had a song written about her in an incredibly awkward situation, I am totes in sympatico with my sister Condi here. Of course, my scenario involved a “musician” met via eHarmony, not a tyrant with access to weapons/terrorists.

@flippin eck: here’s a song a guy named country dick montana wrote about his sweetheart:

@flippin eck: It could have sounded cool like the Bedouin music played out in the desert:

or trashy:

or chill:

or like Moomar’s national anthem:

ADD: That national anthem rules, btw.

Photo: Libyan rebel chillin’ wit the hookah while his homies fire away with the truck mounted quad 40mm cannon.


@redmanlaw: Or just really, really weird.

@flippin eck: I like how her response was “well, at least it wasn’t anything trashy” or something to that effect.

I’m not sure how I feel about all the Condi 2.o going on right now.

@Nabisco: Condi to her ex Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock: “Now get out of here before this gets weird.”

@flippin eck: I feel that we need to know more about the song that was written for you.

I’m speechless. And that hasn’t happened since 1986.

Who is Nick Searcy? Is he in Coldplay or something? This video is so dumb I think my teeth might fall out. Nice chicken? The fat ugly old guy (presumably Nick Searcy) is cool? On what planet? Planet FatUglyOldGuy?

@flippin eck: I’m with Dodge. This tribute/stalking song, are we going to get to hear it? Youtube it with a tasteful photomontage? That would be awesome. Thanks.

@Dodger and Benedick: I was so stunned and bemused during the performance and so anxious to make my getaway after that I didn’t absorb much detail about the ditty. I regret that I didn’t have the forethought to grab the lyrics off the piano before I left. I do remember that it was quirky and sweet and would’ve charmed the socks (and more) off a girl who was into this guy, but unfortunately I wasn’t that girl.

@flippin eck: Perhaps Dodgey or I could contact him in your behalf – in a totally non-creepy, off-hand kind of way – to see if he has a copy? Who knows, by now he might have completed an album about your heartlessness. You could play it at parties. It would be so awesome.

@Benedick: I’m guessing that the second song on the album, country/western style with a crying pedal steel guitar, goes something like: “I’m gonna kill myself dead / on accounta that tall redhead . . .”

@Dodgerblue: There’s been some hullabaloo recently in my hood about tax abatement for a proposed hotel, and this morning one of the hotel’s more vocal advocates posted this to the neighborhood listserv:

Even in California (of all places), even with a hard-core big city Democrat mayor, they seem to have figured Econ 101 out.


@mellbell: It’s all about jobs here, and Mayor V is probably running for governor next time around. He’s termed out as Mayor in 2013.

@mellbell: This is one of the best articles ever on why those pro-business tax schemes are such a sham and a ripoff.

Santa Monica: How the People’s Republic Became a Business Mecca

The real difference that determined Santa Monica’s success and L.A.’s failure to develop a self-sustaining, non-subsidized commercial real estate market was in governance. Thirty years ago left-wingers, riding the rent control movement, took control of Santa Monica politics and since then their policies have turned Santa Monica into a Mecca for business.

So — why do businesses want to do business in Santa Monica?

The answer is that Santa Monica has concentrated on public services to make the city a good place to live, and good places to live are also good places to work. While L.A. used redevelopment to subsidize office towers, which privatized the benefits and sucked development potential from the rest of downtown, Santa Monica has spent most of its capital on facilities that are open to the public or that benefit the public, such as parking structures, its bus system, parks, libraries, and affordable housing.

@Dodgerblue: Of course. I just found the framing of it to be hilarious.

@¡Andrew!: There are also little plates of sushi that whiz around the restaurant on a conveyor belt.

@Dodgerblue: ‘She kicked me to the gutter, jes lahk I was a dawg! Dow dow dow.’

@mellbell: I will add that “affordable housing” is an inadvertent laugh-line to anyone who’s ever priced the cost of housing there, which is among the most expensive in the nation. However, this is due to the success of these urban planning policies, which have created tremendous demand.

@¡Andrew!: I am a proud resident of the Peoples’ Republic of Santa Monica and a consigliere to the lefty/tenant coalition that has been in power since the late ’70s. And btw, we do have true affordable housing here if you income-qualify — I was on the B of D of our largest builder and provider of such housing for years.

@Dodgerblue: @Benedick: Who could ever doubt that I have the ability to inspire Great Art? Aside from me, of course….

@Benedick: Don’t want me no more redheads, gonna get me a little blonde, hair dyed the color of chicken lips, likes Daisy Dukes or a thong . . .

@Dodgerblue: Do people really call it SaMo as in the comments? I’ve not heard that one before.

I love it there. And just walking around, one can see how extraordinarily pleasant it is when people get out of their cars and engage with the built environment. The city truly is a monument to the success of urban planning and well-thought out land use. It’s my first relocation choice if I get a job in LA after grad school, however, the cost of housing is prohibitive (roughly twice as much as Seattle, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I won’t be earning twice as much). Apartment rents are about the same, though.

@flippin eck: We may have a Stinque first here. Congrats. I hereby move that Gen. HF buy you drinx on behalf of the crew.

@Dodgerblue: Ma haid jes lahk esploded,
Ma ass is on the floor.
But she don’t pay no never mind
She jes walked out that door.

Dow dow dow…

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