In a World Where Mitt Romney Seems Like Tim Pawlenty

When Timmah! quit the preznidential race, his video editor was cast adrift. Happily, a too-kind Texas governor took pity on the lad, and let the kid rake some leaves clips.

We’re being told by Prominent Bloggers that this feels more “powerful” than our auteur’s previous work. We actually think it’s a step down, because casting Tim Pawlenty as a World-Historical Figure had its own meta scrumptiousness. This just feels like, y’know, trying too hard.


On an unrelated note, mebee, – happy NCOD. That’s National Coming Out Day.

When do the aliens arrive?

@DElurker: Right back at ya. Though I must say, trouble around here is more getting it crammed down your throat. Though a couple of us are still ‘questioning’.

@Benedick: I’m questioning why I can’t get a date with Hope Solo even though I know her bff Lefty.

I should be working but I’ve spent the last hour looking at maps and satellite photos of the place I may be going elk hunting in a couple of weeks, plus calling up ranger stations to ask about roads and camping restrictions.

Six posts, six trains of thought.

@Dodgerblue: Looks like Al Davis’ death might work out for El Ay.
Y’all can have them (again).

@redmanlaw: Impressive, but even with her awesome, uh, weaponry, there is a bus blowing up behind her.

@SanFranLefty: Don’ wannum.

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