I’m Not Swallowing That!

If, like me, you have no idea what a Godfather’s pizza tastes like or even where such a consumable artifact might be purchased the Elitist Smartypants Institute has got your back.


Kind of makes you rethink quiche, mes amies.

Nojo adds: Plus, the new smokin’ Herman Cain! video that everyone’s talking about!


If you lose a taste test to frozen pizza… well maybe pizza ain’t his game.

From the descriptions of Godfather’s pizza that I’ve read it actually sounds a lot like (Mr.) Gatti’s, which appeals to my Southern sensibilities.

Lou Reed + Metallica, “Lulu”, streaming for free. Album comes out on All Saints Day.


/doing slight head bang at work. I dumped Jim Rome to listen to this.

OK, this could be one of the Greatest Game Changers of all time–and it’s real!

New Decoy Website Launched To Lure Away All Moronic Internet Commenters

“Now you can read an article or enjoy multimedia on your favorite websites without having to endure the revolting, barely coherent comments these troglodytes used to leave at the bottom of every page,” Kamangar continued. “At long last, a new era has dawned for the Internet.”


@mellbell: Gatti’s sucks. there is one near me. they operate on the all you can eat premise. You can always buy more than you can eat with some sort of take out special coupon for less cash than you pay for the all you can eat alleged deal. very few figure that out. every all you can eat joint sucks. it’s the new american way of not just offering the lowest quality available for the highest possible price, but to overwhelm the idiots with so much more quantity of poor quality so that the fat and high fructose corn syrup destroys the brain’s ability to figure out that the body and wallet are getting fucked. for more proof of this go to golden corral.

@jwmcsame: But cheese sticks! And dessert pizza! And the salad bar!

If I might be forgiven for sounding a teensy note of elitism the best pizza I’ve eaten is in Vienna. The crust is as thin and crisp as matzoh and then they put slices of stuff on it, cheese (but not rancid mozzarella), steak, veg, etc. Delicious. There was also an israeli pizza place on 14th st when we lived there that made a pizza with potatoes, olive oil and rosemary that was also delicious. In fact, it was so good the place went out of business.

@mellbell: Desert pizza has me feeling slightly hurlish.

@Benedick: As the newly health-conscious Cookie Monster would say, “Dessert pizza is a sometimes food.”

That Cain ad is too fucking creepy to be real. Moustache guy looks like a serial rapist on the platform at 186th st at 2 AM waiting for fresh meat. He’s right about one thing, though. Nobody has seen that campaign because there doesn’t seem to be one. Smoking? Really? That’s your strong suit?

And then Cain’s dreadful smirk! Shuddering here. Though I must say, just think what awesome prezitnential ads he could make with Michele as his running mate!

@Benedick: Posted by Weigel, confirmed by the NYT. Mitt’s copycat video coming soon.

@nojo: Mitt’s copycat video coming soon. With what, Mitt’s campaign manager drinking coffee?

@Benedick: I was introduced to Euro pizza during The War (no, not that one). Humungo slabs of decent dough smothered in German ketchup and melted mozzarella. Ne mogu, thanks.

@redmanlaw: How’s that thing go? Oh yeah \\\\://// or something. Thx.


The feedback page is truly epic – the only question is how many of those are “seed” comments created by moderators.

@Nabisco: \m/ – METAL!

It’s the devil horns – first finger and pinkie extended, middle fingers folded.

ADD: Holy Crap! More new music – NIN does U2’s “Zoo Station.” I got goosebumps. The keyboards are very Eno-istic.

@Dodgerblue: Barry swung by Roscoe’s yesterday, one of my favorite places in El Ay. He only spent two hours in Ess Eff this afternoon – long enough for a lunchtime fundraiser at the W hotel at 3rd and Mission and he was wheels-up from SFO before the evening commute.

Yeah, nice move. Was Michelle with him? But my favorite local news was that his motorcade got stuck in traffic on the way to taping the Jay Leno show.

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