One of the great hockey cliches (of which there are literally THOUSANDS) is that a playoff series doesn’t really begin until the home team loses a game.  (Which doesn’t take into account a series in which the home team wins Games One through Seven, inclusive.  Cliches, in Sport, are like that.)

So: the GOP nomination process has now begun in earnest.  T-Paw is out, after finishing behind Bachmann and Paul in the Ames Straw Poll. Which means he leaves after finishing behind Bachmann.  (Come on.  There will be no rEVOLution.  Let’s just stipulate to that right now.)  And finishing behind her in a poll that means, truthfully, just about as much as anything that Gallup or USA Today or NBC/W$J polling does.  And finishing behind a woman who decided to trump his conservative bonafides at the debate last week by citing her defense of incandescent light bulbs on the floor of the House.  That’s what made him up and quit.

(NB: Jokes about Bachmann never having a man finish behind her are NOT WELCOME.  Pleases and thank yous.)


“I’ve been traveling all across Iowa. I will tell you, Norah, there hasn’t been one time where some one has said to me, ‘Michelle, I want my taxes increased, and I want to make sure that government can keep spending more money that we don’t have.’ That’s never happened.” [M. Bachmann on Face The Nation this morning, speaking to Norah O’Donnell (subbing for Bob Schieffer, who can’t be bothered with this shit at his age).]

Yeah. Tim Pawlenty saw that and said “I cannot fight no more against such genius.”

(BTW: Did it ever occur to Michelle Bachmann to ASK Iowans? They’re nice people. It’s not like they’ll hear a question from someone and respond with a punch in the throat.)

@chicago bureau:

But if she asked a question:

1. It might suggest she realizes she doesn’t already know absolutely everything.

2. It might require her to momentarily stop talking to allow for an answer.

I don’t see either in the cards.

@chicago bureau: I don’t know how you watch those things. I can’t stand them any longer and the European club soccer season is underway so there’s a convenient excuse.

Bob Schieffer must have just known to take this week off.

I really do hope she actually wins the primary but I’m putting odds on Governor Goodhair.

@Signal to Noise: The neighbor asked me the other day whether I had seen the latest MTP. I laughed.

Nojo, isn’t it time you asked the surviving GOP candidates if they endorse the Zombie Bible? It could be make or break for the critical Zombie vote.

@signaltonoise @nojo: the Sunday chat shows are a great way to ease in Weekend, Part II (The Reckoning).

You’re not quite awake. You want to feel like doing something useful. You’re not a churchgoing type. BOOM!

The Sunday shows make you feel like you’re an active part of the Republic, and you don’t even have to get up off the couch. Bob Schieffer is there for you, brother. (Usually.)

@chicago bureau: I ease in Sundays with Harry Shearer’s KCRW radio program. It’s the only thing I set an alarm for.

@chicago bureau and nojo: At Chez SFL, I start with the Sunday NYT wedding announcements with coffee, followed by a soccer game.

ADD: The featured announcement, starring a ghey couple who have been together 39 years and got hitched at the hospital.

ADD2: And this announcement wins for incorporating the most diverse religious/cultural ceremonies. The fact that it occurred in Kansas City is an extra bonus point:

Akila Sunhee Raman and Alireza Vaseghi were married Saturday at the InterContinental hotel in Kansas City, Mo. The Rev. Mary W. Fisher, an evangelical Christian minister, officiated at a nondenominational ceremony incorporating Indian, Korean and Persian cultural traditions.

@SanFranLefty: A few years ago in LA, I went to a Jewish Quaker wedding officiated at by a Mormon. The bride was fabulously pregnant.

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