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Title: “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon”

Author: Mark Steyn

Rank: 11

Blurb: “Optimistic About America’s Future? Don’t Be. In his giant New York Times bestseller, America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It, Mark Steyn predicted collapse for the rest of the Western World. Now, he adds, America has caught up with Europe on the great rush to self-destruction.”

Review: “This is not some Partisan rant or slant, it is simply truth being laid out like a blanket on the grass at a picnic waiting for the ants of Liberalism to come and snatch away the food.”

Customers Also Bought: “EMP Survival: How to Prepare Now and Survive, When an Electromagnetic Pulse Destroys Our Power Grid (Volume 1)”, by Larry Poole

Footnote: Steyn’s from Toronto. Isn’t there any money in books about Canadian self-destruction?

After America [Fuck Amazon]

The thought of EMP attacks keeps me awake at night.

@JNOV: Slanted partisans keep me awake.

DEVELOPING HARD: T-PAW OUT OF RACE? CBS Sunday Morning breaks news to me.

(Yes, I watch CBS Sunday Morning. I’m 33, going on 80.)

@chicago bureau: local sources confirm. Jee bus, Tiimmy – it was a straw poll. Spineless hack.

Steyn’s from Toronto. Isn’t there any money in books about Canadian self-destruction?

No, but he tried to. Wasted a lot of precious newspaper about the horrors of taxes and government healthcare and voting not Reform (our version of the Teabaggers.)

You can thank Fed Inmate No 45392993 aka Connie Black aka Lord Puff’n Stuff of CrossHarbour ESQ REMF for bringing him to US America.

Funny how the people who are openly working to *actually* destroy America (and remake it into their own fascist Christian dreamland) are always running around pointing the finger at everybody else…

Instead of the ants of Liberalism, shouldn’t that be the running dogs of (insert name of your bete noire here)?

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