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Either that’s one of the creepiest paintings EVER on the side of that cart (lower left, making Bachmann eyes AT Bachmann), or we’ve got a new version of Basement Horse… ;)

Hmmm… I don’t know what that photo would remind me of. I just can’t imagine one bit…

Not shown: Husband Marcus winning the deep-fried stick of butter deep-throat contest.

McCotter has, methinks, just reached Peak Wingnut via attacking *progressives* for engaging in “politics of the past”. He DOES realize what “conservative” means, right?

“This is how I take the horse at our government-subsidized ranch – really slow and deep, while Marcus beats off and shouts the names of all his men lovers. Then he commands me to mount my strap-on and shred his ass as a submissive wife in the name of Jesus Christ”

The Boner Buster–this photo cannot be unseen!

How many did she have to do eat to win the Iowa Pole? I mean poll

@Dodgerblue: Marcus and Michelle or the horse (named, I kid you not “Mikki’s Secret Lover”) and Michelle?

Honestly: they have to know cameras are rolling/snapping 24/7/365, right?

(I forgot. It’s Michelle Bachmann. She has no idea where the cameras are.)

ADD: she’d fit right in at Wrigley, with the foot-long Chicago dogs. Everybody, now: “WHO WANTS A FOOT-LONG?!”

@Dodgerblue: Five (h/t Beesko; great read), and something like 23 foster children.

ADD: Um. I’m assuming you’re asking about the humans involved in their relationship. I have no idea about the equines.

The not-the-MSNBC ad is for a group protesting a tax on plastic shopping bags. Stupid is as stupid does.

@FlyingChainSaw: You win.

@JNOV: I am waiting for the media to track down some of her former foster children. I can only imagine what sort of Xtian spare-the-rod pray-the-gay-outta-you craziness went on in that household.

@SanFranLefty: Did they have any kids that the state did not PAY them to take into the house?

@FlyingChainSaw: got to wonder if Marcus has a perpetual boner
This was an earlier family pic on the bachmann clinic website

Bachmann Tubesteak Overdrive

That’s probably the most unfortunate campaign photo ever.

@texrednface: They all look healthy and well-cared for. Where they saw the need to develop the gay-clinic thing is anyone’s guess. Why not a fencing school?

@SanFranLefty: Lucas is cute. He’s studying psychiatry at CU. Which, given what one might imagine to be his home life, has ended my chain of thought.

The New Yorker piece has a little about the foster kids. Apparently Michele liked to take in troubled teenaged girls and help them get straightened out. The writer spoke to one of them off the record who credited the Bachmanns with saving her life. Michele seems to have had a real sense of mission, because of events in her own life, to rescue teenage girls. And it seems that she did.

I wonder what Lucas thinks of the sheer manic desperate fame-whoriness of this picture? Also, might he be interested in a career in musical theatre? Imagine having to put together the shrieking harpy of the public Bachmann with the tender mom who would walk into his bedroom at all times of day or night as he hit puberty and found he had needs that involved tissues and tube socks?

Lucas might have gone to the dark side. I’m hoping his boyfriend can bring him back.

I have to say: if the gobbling don’t sink her candidacy the fucking awful eyebrow job should. Bitch got stylists and make-up artistes (el cheapo from Fox but still) and they send her out there looking like she just got waxed on the L.I.E.? WTF!

@benedick: Lucas (in Daily News article you linked) said Michelle made him read National Review, starting at age 10, to “build his vocabulary.”

He’s 28 now. 18 years (roughly) goes to 1993. Just in time for Gingrich.

This spurs an idea for a full length post about the corruption of youth. (No. The bad kind.)

@Benedick HRH KFC: Crazy Eyes’ French manicured claws clutching the corndog are pretty Jerseylicious.

“He was really a nice guy,” Brian Gore’s ex-girlfriend, Sandy, told WTKR 3 News in Norfolk. “He went to church and everything.”

She’s not much of a judge of character, apparently.

Rick Perry sees your corn dog and raises you a pork chop.

@SanFranLefty: Her styling is strictly Susan Lucci. She looks like someone in a soap who is playing a presidential contender from the Wall Street party. It’s quite well done but completely bogus.

@mellbell: Ew. Though to be fair he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it much. Or does it very often. And what the hell has he got on his finger?

The fat guy looking on is all “Cheez, I’d like to kiss him.”

@Benedick HRH KFC: Here’s Rick with the corn dog, with which he seems to be more . . . familiar, shall we say? Watch the teeth, though.

@mellbell: I didn’t know you could buy a pork chop and eat it with your hands, so to speak. What a great country!

@Dodgerblue: Spend some time in flyover country. There is nothing these people can’t put on a stick and deep fry.

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