Signs of the Apocalypse, Sign CCCXXVII

Abercrombie & Fitch’s summer line of swimsuits includes a padded push-up bikini top for 7-year-olds.

This news comes to us the day after a story about a mother who is grooming her 8-year-old daughter to someday be a famous celebrity by injecting her with Botox and giving her a monthly “virgin wax” to make sure she doesn’t develop pubic hair because “it will save her a fortune in waxing when she’s older.”

We are fucking doomed.


CREEPY. Seriously, CREEPY.

I’d put it in 72 pt font if I could.

How did we all end up in this fucked up alternate universe Where Morons Rule the Earth?

It’s as bad as those goddamn “pageants” full of 6-year-olds dressed like hookers; fucking creepy beyond belief…

Emails That Aren’t About What They Should Be About:

Join the US Uncut National Day of Action this Saturday

Something about protesting “corporate tax cheats” BofA and Verizon. Not something about, well…


FINALLY. a day for uncut action. how long I have waited.


I’d be happy if both companies got circumcised with a rusty nail file.

@Capt Howdy: . . . and Stinque After Dark gets an early start for the week.

Please tell me Child Protective Services is investigating that sociopath.

In unrelated WTFery:

Steven Seagal, Sheriff Raid Valley Home In Tank

Sherrif Joe and a massive SWAT overreaction to pick up one guy for a cockfighting charge.

Balloon Juice’s writeup was epic:

I mean, how was Sheriff Joe supposed to know that Jesus didn’t have an army of cocks, each outfitted with crucifixes and little helmets with dangly spiked ball weapons affixed to them? You ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen an angry cock in a helmet going balls-out in a fight for Jesus. It’s a sight to behold—enough to make even the most cocksure warrior tremble in fear.

And 115 of these deadly weaponized cocks? Of course they had to be fried euthanized on the spot.

So reading all those Marine Recon field manuals paid off!!*

It doesn’t make sense otherwise. I’m sure the Libyans know they’re out there, but can’t do squat.

*done when I was serious about joining the reserves

COPS was probably one of the worst things that ever hit law enforcement.

Although I love Reno 911!

@nojo: “view larger.” I noticed that too.

I also noticed that there is no visual of a 7 year old actually wearing this thing. Which means that somebody probably thought a model wearing this would be a bad idea. But not bad enough that the whole idea would be spiked.

At the Farm, my dormmates received an A&F catalog in the mail. One picture was a two-page spread of white guys with board shorts, surrounding a black guy in same board shorts. On closer inspection, there was a faint, microscopic blue line around said black guy. We suspected, and then immediately concluded, that said black guy was cropped in for effect.

Seriously: can somebody shoot A&F to the dark side of the moon, please?

@redmanlaw: you know what reds? i’m thinking it was always this way and we have changed. we thought someone sane was in charge at some point and grew up to discover otherwise.
our species is so doomed.

@chicago bureau: I would have thought that the African American gentleman had a force field of coolness.

I am so grossed out by that waxing thing I can hardly stand it.

@redmanlaw: I’ve got my pound sterling on SBS. Hopey can’t afford to have SEALS on parade in Tripoli.

@mellbell: My first thought as well. That’s abuse. And whoever the fuck is willing to inject Botox into an 8 yr old should have their license jerked.

ADD: Oh dear god, I just read the article and crazy bitch is using “botox” and “fillers” she buys online. That right there should be grounds for terminating her parental rights.

How come Netflix doesn’t have season 5 of Dexter?

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Too soon. Showtime will probably release the DVDs on the eve of Season 6.

@Mistress Cynica: WHAT[interrobang] She’s going to scar that kid beyond recognition, not just emotionally and psychologically. Disgusting.

@al2o3cr: My first thought when I read the excerpt. You’ve seen the South Park ep where Ike is possessed by MJ and enters a pageant, yes?

Question of the Morning: Coffee or Klonopin?


why not both?

I was looking at Armageddon yesterday. it really looks amazing. I had not seen it in a while since I have been off the project.

@redmanlaw: Totally fucked up. If I had a daughter, I’d probably convert to Islam just to avoid this shite.

@JNOV: Ah yes, Klonopin. Take it for the hallucinations, stay for the psychomotor agitation. I’d stay with coffee, unless you are seizing.


just got a handful yesterday. I trade them to a co worker for adderall which I have a script for.
which brings up one of my pet project ideas. a web site called

@Capt Howdy: EXACTLY!

@flypaper: It makes you hallucinate? I must be getting the cheap shit. Anyway, I’m titrating down. I finally beat that nasty Xanax addiction. I hope the Klonopin goes soon…

@Capt Howdy: I’ve got hypertension drugs to trade. The rest are mine. Oh, and my prescription bene doesn’t kick in until August, so yeah. I’ll be off the benzos one way or another, and maybe I’ll stroke out…

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