Wait: Clouds Are Traitors Now?

And so Joe Lieberman has, apparently, forced the hand of Amazon, who has advised Wikileaks to get off of its cloud.

This does pose an interesting question for us here, concerning the Stinque Kickback box, on the right-hand side of your screen.

Admittedly: this is not a decision for me, but for Fearless Leader.  But the question has no good result.  Either we keep the Amazon link and reward Amazon for giving bandwith to a self-absorbed, nefarious gasbag, or we punish Amazon for caving in to pressure from… a self-absorbed, nefarious gasbag.

Your move, nojo.


@CB: Will Amazon kick the New York Times off its site as well?

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: That server space ain’t paying for itself.

@karen marie wants to know — Fucking integrity, how does it work?: I hear you sister, I’m planning a Stinque Department of Lady-Bits post based on your “stay at home daughters” linque you shared on the Book of Faces. But I think I have to drink a little more to work up Chainsaw levels of outrage.

My my Joe Lie. Where was that righteous outrage when a CIA agent’s cover was leaked by Karl Rove, Addington, Cheney and the rest of the motherfuckers you covered up for?

Not to say that Wikileaks is 100% right, but this fake outrage is pathetic.

@SanFranLefty: I think I understand why Christianists hate Mooslems so much. Mooslems are stealing their thunder.

@SanFranLefty: Before you do: wear a rope around your waist and tie it to a bike rack or something. You need a way out if you fall into the abyss.

I mean, you dig deeper into this, and you find women — reasonably intelligent and capable — turning their lives into a Thomas Kinkaide painting. (Incidentally, more on him in a full-blown post.)

@chicago bureau: My psychopath neighbor against whom I’ve been involved in three years of litigation thanks to my position on the HOA, is a HUUUUGGGEEE Thomas Kinkaide fan. That shit is up all over the place. And he’s a big queen. Since when have teh gheyz been Thomas Kinkaide fans?

@SanFranLefty: Um, never. That goes beyond psychopathology–we’re talkin’ demonic possession. Forget arbitration, you’ll need an old priest and a young priest…

@SanFranLefty: Actually, I ditched the Kinkade story. Seems that the scoop (such as it was) is based on a DUI that Our Hero racked up in June. Way to be on the ol’ bean, NPR!

NPR has managed to find some fresh(er) meat — a Smithsonian exhibition on gay and lesbian portraits, with HILARIOUS consequences. That post is up now.

And, in the past hour, WikiLeaks has gone offline again — just when I was going to search for “zombie”…

Technically, it’s the domain name that’s down — it appears that DynDNS, which they were using to tie the domain to the actual IP server address, canceled them.

This, to me, is much more disturbing than Amazon — I’ve used DynDNS for years (though not as much these days), and they provide high-quality service to geeks. Also, a service like DynDNS is much more integral to free speech on the web than a commercial cloud-hosting service.

If early reports are true, this is gonna cause a Major Stinque among the geek community. Unfortunately, half of any news reports will be spent just explaining what DNS is…

Ah, here we go

“EveryDNS.net provided domain name system (DNS) services to the wikileaks.org domain name until 10PM EST, December 2, 2010, when such services were terminated. As with other users of the EveryDNS.net network, this service was provided for free. The termination of services was effected pursuant to, and in accordance with, the EveryDNS.net Acceptable Use Policy.”

“More specifically, the services were terminated for violation of the provision which states that “Member shall not interfere with another Member’s use and enjoyment of the Service or another entity’s use and enjoyment of similar services.” The interference at issues arises from the fact that wikileaks.org has become the target of multiple distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. These attacks have, and future attacks would, threaten the stability of the EveryDNS.net infrastructure, which enables access to almost 500,000 other websites.”

EveryDNS is owned by DynDNS.

And, well, that’s a legit excuse. It’s also an interesting point of weakness if you ever want to take down a site.

@SanFranLefty: I’m with Andy. No gay man has ever been a fan of Kincaide. Apart from three queens in Fresno. Apart from them, no. I wonder if your neighbor is actually gay. Or is he merely some straight guy only in it for all the benefits and perks.

@nojo: It looks like EveryDNS is still routing traffic to WikiLeaks’ new domain in Switzerland.

The Wikileaks.ch domain name, which only surfaced on Friday morning, is being served by the Swiss Pirate Party. And the routing to it is still being done by everydns.

Then there’s the whole issue of DDoS — WikiLeaks has been under larger DDoS attacks before, but that was when they still had geeks who knew how to rebuff such attacks. In September, some geeks took their software and went home over redaction concerns. I don’t blame them.

But in a Q&A this morning with The Guardian, Assange claims that no one named in the leaked documents has ever been harmed.

Julian Assange:
WikiLeaks has a four-year publishing history. During that time there has been no credible allegation, even by organisations like the Pentagon that even a single person has come to harm as a result of our activities. This is despite much-attempted manipulation and spin trying to lead people to a counter-factual conclusion. We do not expect any change in this regard.

You know, except for Bradley Manning, if he was the source of the documents and might have been somewhat sloppy.

But, Assange will take care of his own, even if he isn’t his own, but probably is his own.

“For the past four years one of our goals has been to lionise the source who take the real risks in nearly every journalistic disclosure and without whose efforts, journalists would be nothing,” said Assange. “If indeed it is the case, as alleged by the Pentagon, that the young soldier — Bradley Manning — is behind some of our recent disclosures, then he is without doubt an unparalleled hero.”

I think Wikileaks is paying Mannings’s attorneys fees, but I’m not sure.

I have no idea if the attacks are continuing (I bet they are) or how large they are or how WikiLeaks is protecting itself now.

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