Doubling Down on the Racist Cards

Tea Party/Republican Sharron “You Look Asian To Me” Angle has decided that last month’s ad featuring a photo of Mexican men in Mexico was apparently too subtle in its fear-mongering appeal to voters in her challenge to Sen. Harry Reid, and in true Nevada fashion has decided to double down and go for broke.

Her new ad depicts images of menacing-looking Latino men next to images of white school children. Keep it KKKlassy, Sharron!

It’s a tad odd that she’d go with this gamble, especially when pollsters and pundits are noting that it appears more and more likely that Latinos – who account for 15% of the state’s registered voters – will be the deciding factor in this election.

[Raw Story, H/T RedManLaw]

Is it possible for the Angle to get more obtuse?

I hoped here in the final week Sharron Angle would return to the “chickens for medical care” high water mark of her campaign.

@Dave H:
That was her favored primary opponent who ended up in the deep fryer and sold off in a 15 piece bucket to pay for a colonoscopy.

@Dave H:

I think at this point the Nevada Republican Party is wishing they had Chicken Lady instead of Angle…

@Capt Howdy: I read the Tripp book when it came out – as it were. Presently I’m more interested in Nixon’s and GW’s homosexual loves.

At least the ad didn’t end with her shrieking that they’ll all be exterminated, so…um, improvement?

I would rather think about Nixon and sex at the same time.

@Capt Howdy: Think whisky, swimming pools, Pat’s face, and Bebe Rebozzo.

You’re welcome.

@Capt Howdy: Surely you meant to say that you would rather NOT think about Nixon and sex at the same time?

To me, thoughts of Richard Nixon would rank in the top ten of Most Powerful Anaphrodisiacs.

@Benedick: Eleanor Roosevelt and Lorena Hickok.

@SanFranLefty: Heh.

One day I’m going to read those letters. Maybe I’ll go see the movie when it comes out. I’m sorry I’m missing out on the AC show.

No one claimed Hick’s remains when she died. :-( I’m not certain if Lyden or the librarian she spoke to buried her ten years later — I’m thinking it was the librarian based on when she died. So sad.

@JNOV: So are we in a state of mutually assured destruction? You’ll get rid of John Yoo when I get rid of the beard?

Do we need to do a 1-2-3 count-off?

@Benedick: Are you suggesting Nixon used to pat cocks?

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