Gadsden Flag Reenactment Goes Horribly Wrong

Kentucky Stomper Identified As Paul’s (Now Former) Bourbon County Coordinator [TPM]

Douchebaggess Anne Althouse was just sure this had to be a Democratic stunt to make Rand Paul look bad… until, of course, the guilty Rand Paul volunteer apologized.

Sorry, Anne: only GOP activists fake injuries to make their oppnents look bad.

Way to show that you’re not a bunch of irony challenged dipshit fascist thugs, Teabaggers.

Rand Paul’s people need to get in touch with Rich Iott to find out about the correct wardrobe for stomping heads. I’m sure there are some boots available that guarantee fractured skulls.

Rand Paul campaign now Not For Profitt.

@Dave H: Are those shiny white sneakers or white oxfords? Either way, a fashion don’t.

The Love Song of T. Pigfuck Proffit

Let us go then, you and I
while the liberal is spread out across the curb
and stomp her,
till we notice, the camera taping . . .

and in the hallway, the teabaggers come and go
talking of ayn rand and guns

Wait, wait, this is better:

The Love Song of T. Pigfuck Proffit

Let us go then, you and I,
When the liberal is spread out against the curb
Like a patient etherized upon a table;
Let us go, through half-witted crowds,
Of muttering teatards
And stomp the liberal, like an oyster-shell
Stomp out her tedious argument
Of insidious Kenyan fascist commie intent
And put an end to pesky public questions. . .
Don’t let them ask, “Would you repeal the civil rights act?”
Let us go and stomp the liberal.

In the room the teatards come and go
Talking of how Obama must go.

Now, in shades of Ginni Thomas, the Kentucky Stomper is demanding that the woman whose face and neck he slammed into the ground apologize to him. “She was just asking for it, with what she was wearing!”

@SanFranLefty: Maybe he shoulda raped her? If she was asking for it, I mean what the hell. Uppity female.

@SanFranLefty: Will that make people in Kentucky more or less likely to vote Randroid?

@Prommie: Gotta teach those ladiez a lesson about exercising their First Amendment rights of assembly and free speech. Next thing you know, they’ll want to get edumakated.

Good thing there were cameras there, or it could have become a fucking lynching/gang bang. As you can see in this still image from the video, pre-stomping it was necessary for another teabagger to throw her to the ground by wrapping his arms around her, grabbing her left tit, and throwing her to the ground.

@¡Andrew!: MellBell is the Stinque expert on all things Bluegrass State.

@¡Andrew!: @SanFranLefty: Kentucky was part of the original frontier and had one of the first non-wife, non-widow lady governors (her lieutenant governor is now governor, actually), so in theory they support strong, outspoken women, but the reality is probably a little more complicated than that.

The RandPaul (spelled in the manner of RuPaul) supporter who stomped the defenseless lady obviously fashions himself to be the second coming of a rasslin’ (that’s east tennessean for wrestling) character a few decades back called the Mongolian Stomper except with an Andy Kaufman twist, seeing how he only stomps women. Hence, the Teabaggolian Stomper, cross gender rasslin’ champ 2010. He oughta get himself one of those big old belts and wear it around proudly.

I almost forgot, the Teabaggolian Stomper should get Tony Clifton to be his manager.

@mellbell: Mind you, I’m not denigrating Kentucky per se. As you may know, I grew up in Arkansas, where our state motto was “Thank Gawd for Mississippi” since we were always 49th-ish on measures of human development, and we could only aspire to be up at Kentucky’s level. We did lead the nation in chicken production, teenage pregnancies and alcoholism for many years. We also gave the world Bill Clinton, and the world hasn’t stopped thanking us since.

@¡Andrew!: It’s probably been overtaken by meth at this point, but historically, anyway, Kentucky has been the number one producer of domestically-grown pot, a fact I was discouraged from including in a presentation on the Appalachian Mountains in geology class.

@¡Andrew!: Speaking of Arkansas, did you hear about the douchebag school board member railing against the gheyz?

I was not surprised by his vitriol nor by his grammar usage.

@mellbell: Kentucky? More than California? Was that pre-medical marijuana?

@mellbell, !Andrew!: Mrs RML’s real/biological father was an Arkansas hillbilly whose family made moonshine. For reals. Dude was big and probably could not read. Mrs RML’s brother and Son of RML are pretty big dudes, also.

@SanFranLefty: Less than half an hour until game time.

@SanFranLefty: If it helps, I’ve never even heard of the ten-people-and-a-hound-dog-wherevertown in which he lives. I had to look it up on Google. Not sure if his comments will make him a hero or a villain to the locals, but if I had to guess…

They’s gonna be really confused when they start gettin’ calls from Noo York Sidee(!) demanding that this dude resign.

@redmanlaw: I grew up in the Ozarks, so we were probably neighbors. It’s a lovely part of the state, and I miss the geography and climate a bit.

@SanFranLefty: This was back in college, so maybe? I’ll do some digging.

@redmanlaw: Just got home from work and am traumatized to see that the Shrubs have a lead and have two guys on base.

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