Wag the Dog

After Thursday afternoon’s special edition of Not Necessarily the News, we figured we needed a break. And what better break than Spike? Or even better, one of the responses to Spike? Say, the dance troupe of six kids?

But no, Sheryll wasn’t going to let us off that easy. She mischievously hacked the YouTube search system, so that when we looked for “Spike Can Dance,” results for “CanCan Dance” turned up — including this clip from a British music hall, circa 1943.

Which, in turn, made us think of Thursday afternoon again.

Damn you, Sheryll. Haven’t you punished us enough?


I remember that movie from TV when I was a kid. If they still showed movies like this on TV, I might have not thrown mine out.

Holy hell! I never understood why they held their skirts up when I was a boy, but now it makes so much sense. How lewd.

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