Breaking: Infamous Americans Attended Same High School

We suppose we’re supposed to get a chuckle out of the news that Rush Limbaugh and Whackjob Florida Pastor are both proud members of the Cape Central High School Class of 1969. But at our woefully advanced age, what really catches our attention is this:

Gregg Hopkins, a Cape Central alum, recalled Jones in a comment on the site:

“I knew him the early 70s. He graduated from Central (I think) in 69. He was a funny, friendly guy back then, when he was dating my friend, Lisa. My how the years change some people. Every picture I’ve seen of him, he’s wearing an intense scowl.”

Terry Jones was once young, and free, and happy. What the hell turned him into a vile hateful douchebag?

Then again — okay, fine, you saw it coming, so we’re not even going to write it.

Rush Limbaugh, Pastor Terry Jones Were High School Classmates [Politics Daily]

Apparently excessive consumption of H8rade can cause permanent “bitter beer face”. :)

“He seemed like such a nice boy…”
Isn’t that what they describe serial killers?

If only we had Lamont Cranston who knows the evil that lurks in the hearts of men…

Lisa laughed as his dick and took up with his father.

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