No, that’s not the rates paid by Eliot Spitzer and David Vitter for female companionship and diapering, that’s how much Meg Whitman spent on her campaign for California Governor from May 23 to June 30, according to campaign disclosure reports filed with the state on Monday.  That works out to $531,378 spent per day. She’s cranked it up from May when she was only spending $138,828.63 per day.  Whitman has now spent $99.7 million on the race since January 1, 2010.  $91 million of it is her own money.

Attorney General Moonbeam has only spent $377,000 since January 1, 2010.  That’s one fourth of what Whitman has spent on chartered jets and travel for herself, her family, and her staff, and one-twenty-fifth of what she has spent on campaign consultants.

Your breakdown of the data (since there are no “real” reporters left who would do this):

Go to the Secretary of State link above and click on the button “Expenditures Made” to see all campaign expenses. The website allows you to export the data into a spreadsheet, which I have re-organized by expenditure type, and then totaled the expenditures for various categories.

Stinque’s analysis of the Whitman campaign report

Total spent on campaign consultants: $9,734,607.64

Total spent on candidate travel, lodging, and meals: $664,124.51

Total spent on spouse/staff travel, lodging, and meals: $953,373.51

While Whitman has singlehandedly ensured that radio and teevee stations in California are not going bankrupt (yet), the irony of all this spending is that the latest polls show that Jerry Brown leads her by three points.

Moonbeam’s Zen rope-a-dope strategy may actually be working.

Or else people are sick of her fingernails-on-the-chalkboard voice on the radio and television every five minutes.


If only there were a “Buy It” now Button.

That being said, I’d work a day for the Whitless campaign at the hourly rate.

Jerry is running a stealth campaign. If any. California Stinquers have reason to be worried.

@ManchuCandidate: One afternoon and I would have made enough to pay off my student loans.

I should have been a consultant. They don’t tell you that’s a career option in school.

I’m happy to not be a registered voter in California this time around. I’d be furious at all times about the Whitman/Moonbeam race rather than merely apathetic about Oregon’s contest of the Democratic has-been against the NBA bench-warmer thinking that qualifies him to be governor.

Meg’s sure paying a lot of money to win an office where you’re pretty much hamstrung by the bickering douchenozzles that make up much of the Assembly and almost all of the state Senate.

TJ: New York City Landmarks Commission votes unanimously to allow razing building near WTC site for the construction of Muslim Center. Fundy Xtian heads exploding sure to follow.

Back on the subject, I clearly need to renegotiate my part-time consulting contract since I would need to work full time for more than 100 years to earn that kind of money. I imagine the advice she’s getting from these experts goes something like, “Spend more money for consultants.”

sMeg apparently believes she is buying California and when she has it in hand, she can declare it her private hunting ground and hunt the peasants at will, firing at them from her personal helicopter with hunting buddy, Talibunny.

i’m already so close to ranting stage over Life is Beautiful and starbucks, you know this pushes my buttons. if she wins i’m giving up my usamerican citizensip, i’ve had it.
ima gonna put down the computer now.
“and show them, i’m just an old lady, why i wouldn’t even hurt a fly. i’ll just let the fly sit on my hand…..”

@Capt Howdy: Oh great, now we can all get adult-sized Jockey brand Underoos adorned with Bible verses and little pictures of Jesus.

Which I would totally rock BTW.

so clueless about sports I did not actually know he was a yesus freak.
but who cares. roll up a pair of those tighty whities and stuff um right in that pretty mouth.

“…the irony of all this spending is that the latest polls show that Jerry Brown leads her by three points.”

At least this proves that we Californians aren’t a cheap lay.

I wonder if she needs someone to show her how to talk. I could do that.

@homofascist: We can call them Fundie Undies. What? Too obvious?

@Walking Still: Moonbeam is in today’s Chronic saying that given how much she’s spent, he’s “shocked” she’s not leading in the polls. Interesting rope-a-dope technique he’s got going on.

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