Meet the Winner of the Golden Vuvuzela

I present to you the winner of the Stinque Golden Vuvuzela for Hottest Hottie of the World Cup:

With 51% of the vote, Paul the Psychic Octopus crushed a field that included five sexy men and one sexy woman. Runner-up Jonathan Bornstein from Team USA mustered only 14% of the vote.

Congratulations, Paul! Enjoy your retirement from the hard work of predicting winners of soccer games.


Speaking of dubious polls (—>), in grade school a classmate appropriated the Barney song for his writing portfolio (we were supposed to write a poem) and had to bear not only the teacher’s wrath, but also the mockery of his peers for knowing the words to said song.

I am proud to note that the runnerup to Pablo el pulpo is a Jewish kid from UCLA.

@mellbell: I ran a stuffed armadillo for student body president in high school. Came in 3rd in a field of four. I guess my friend Margaret is still bugged about coming in 4th.

Did nojo have to scrap the vuvuzela button? The rimshot is great but every so often there’s no substitute for a few seconds of horns blaring at the World Cup.

I want to know what Paul thinks will happen in 2012. end of the world, president Palin, what. or is that redundant?

@Capt Howdy: One of the predicted End o’ Times dates in 2012 that I’ve seen is my 40th birthday. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

@Dave H: I didn’t have to, but I felt the horn has run its course. Might have something to do with my mom keeping up Christmas decorations through February.

@SanFranLefty: 40 isn’t End o’ Times, it’s Start o’ Halftime.


at least you dont have to worry about how you feel about 50.

the date is 12/21/12


but I felt the horn has run its course

like a rippin case of diarrhea

“refudiate” now #2 search on google trends

@Capt Howdy: Oh really, it’s the 21st? Then good, I’ll never reach 40. I had read that it was scheduled for 12/22/12.

@mellbell: Speaking of dubious polls

I deeply apologize to anyone suffering the “Lawrence Welk 25th Anniversary Show” offering in the Amazon box.

@Capt Howdy: I told Mrs RML that at 49, I feel like I’m headed for a new peak.

@redmanlaw: 50 means never having to apologize for anything. Haven’t heard of the latest pop trend? Well, what do you expect? I’m 50!

I’m sure it’ll get boring around 53 or 54.

@nojo: I apologized to my son the other day for an argument we had. It was better to deescalate and start over than to let something insignificant fester and get worse.

@redmanlaw: Well, yes, but you’re still 49. Next year you can play the Old Fart Card.

@Capt Howdy: On the other hand, I’m not taking the hit for “Hooked on Fly Fishing”.

@nojo: I’m going Thursday evening. best evening dry fly fishing of the year is either on or coming very soon.

@nojo: No, I’ll be 58 this fall and being blissfully unaware of trends isn’t boring at all. I used to recognize the faces on People and Us magazine covers at the grocery but now not so much. Amazingly life still seems worth living.


I feel the same at 59. well I will in november

@Dave H: @Capt Howdy: I’m so glad not to be the oldest old fart in the room.

@nojo: That would probably be me. I’ll be 60 in December.

@Dave H:

I don’t recognize the people on magazine covers at all anymore, but it is because I spend much of my free time stoned out of my head.

No, I’m not at all bitter about lovely Johnny B. being beat out by a stupid cephalopod. In fact, I’m in a bright, chipper, young mood! I’m going to hold Mellbell’s and HF’s hands and we’ll skip through the daisies (because our knees can still handle activity like that) and we will think about how youthful and not-old we are! :P

Also, I’m entitled to use a moronic emoticon because my generation invented them!

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: Plus, you get around to hair-pulling, there’s not as much to work with.

Or so I’m told. Gotta be careful with those Farrah neck-snaps these days. Whiplash.

@flippin eck: I was just on my way outside to do some skipping about myself. I’m not so worried about the knees – all those months in dance class are really paying off – it’s the dog shit I need to watch out for.

That’s true. We are.

@flippin eck: Dear Ms. Smug* – I got carded a few weeks ago at the liquor store while picking up my ration of Bombay Sapphire. New Mexico cards if you look under 30. I also get carded buying wine at my neighborhood grocery store when they get a new clerk.

Thanks to a little bit of clean living, I am now only about 2 lbs over what I weighed when I got married 15 years ago this month. I wore the black cargo shorts I wore on my honeymoon to the Yucatan to the metal fest with Son of RML this weekend. (Black linen shirt = cool, plus adequately metal).

Son of RML’s camp advisor for building battle ‘bots looks like the guy from Mastodon with the red beard. Oh, you don’t know who Mastodon is? Well . . .

* insert emoticon thingie to show I’m kidding

Also: I’d still have a good right knee had it not been for that mountain bike crash back in ’88. I can still hike, ski and backpack like a _________ though.

@redmanlaw: Damn. I used to pride myself on Late-Onset Carding, but it’s been awhile.

@redmanlaw: @nojo:

40-year-old Mr. ‘Catt gets it every time. EVERY. FUCKING.TIME. You should see the looks I get in West Hollywood sometimes.

@redmanlaw: When I used to play in the softball beer leagues, my manager would say that I ran like a man carrying a refrigerator on his back. It hasn’t gotten any better.

@Dodgerblue: I can’t run at all due to my screwed up right knee (scoped 3x, ACL replacement), so at least you could do that.

@Dodgerblue: My dad likes to show a photo of fifth-grade Nojo at the plate: the bat is swinging here, and the ball is way up there.

Needless to say, I made a great right-fielder.

@Dodgerblue: Looks of “what are you going with that 20-year-old, pervert”.

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