Bigotriage: Pretending you didn’t say what you said by claiming what you said really said something else.

Drilliance: The ability to ignore the manifest practical consequences of your political positions.

Bristoleum: A shiny finish applied to virgin wood.

Grizzbucket: Eager recipient of your verbal ejaculate.

Quitacular: An all-day festival celebrating the abdication of responsibility.

Tödderdämmerung: Twilight of the Alaskan Separatists.

Whorecrux: Notes written on one’s palm for purposes of selling one’s soul.

Sonnambulism: Sleepwalking through your pregnancy.

Grandsonnambulism: Sleepwalking through your daughter’s pregnancy.

Liece: An irritating invasion of the body politic, spread by close contact with infested minds.


What the hell is she? Three?

Malapropism is fine if you’re a kid or sports figure, but not when you’re a politician where your livelihood depends on people understanding you.

PLEASE tell me I did not just read a human being comparing Sarah Palin to William Shakespeare! Not even a featherweight like Ms. Palin herself could expect people to swallow that, unless…

I have to assume she’s totally committed herself to the tactic Hitler named the Big Lie in Mein Kampf. Normal people refuse to believe that anyone could tell such gross falsehoods. Normal people are consistently wrong.

Just because English is a living language doesn’t mean we have to enjoy watching you and Shrub skullfuck it, Talibunny. :)

Coupla things:

1. Palin has heard of Shakespeare? Hahahahhahahahhahaha.
2. Palin knows that Shakespeare coined new words? Hahahahhahahhahhaaha
3. Palin knows what the expression ‘to coin new words’ means? Hahahahhahhahahahahaha

Oh and plus, Shakespeare dint have a dickshunary. Spelling and definitions were in flux. After Johnson’s work words settled down. But why let reason interfere? Let’s go with our gut, people.

I would define ‘drilliance’ as a prolonged flirtation with Big Oil, but that’s just me.

‘Triggonometry’ the act of calculating the amount of political gain per exposure of child balanced against nuisance factor of having to deal with said child.

‘Palindrome’, policy pronouncements that mean the same read backwards or forwards.

@Benedick: COTD: “‘Palindrome’, policy pronouncements that mean the same read backwards or forwards.”

Foxtoid – Lie presented as fact on cable news.

What’s next, Sarah Plain and Dumb tweeting “Get thee to a nunnery” to Bristol?

@Benedick: “Triggonometry” made me spill my coffee.

@SanFranLefty: That would be perfect. “Nunnery” in that line is generally scanned as meaning “whorehouse”.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ:


Another new word, a slight variant on some of the previous:

Palindrone: the most annoying noise in the world, created by the vocalizations of one of the stupidest *people* in the world. May cause you to wish that your TV had a vuvuzela button just to take the edge off.

Wasillate: To waver in mind or opinion about whether Obama is half-white or half-black; to sway unsteadily on most issues, in general.

STFU is the soul of wit.

Orlyography: To believe Hawaii is not part of the United States.

This is apparently Sarah Palin’s understanding when she asserts that Kodiak Island is America’s largest island instead of Hawaii’s Big Island.

We’ll, in passing, note the underlying blinkered assumption that America is synonymous with the U.S. America’s biggest island is probably Baffin.

@Walking Still: Talibunny probably refers to her stint at the Leeward Community College in Oahu or wherever the fuck she went to school there as her study abroad semester. Seeing as how there are all those Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Native Hawaiians there (don’t forget the Kenyan-Indonesian-Mooslems), you can see why she would think it’s not part of US ‘Merikah.

Am I seriously the only one that caught that Harry Potter reference? A+, Nojo.

@JNOVjr: Nobody else will admit to it. Fucking Muggles.

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