Bronze Balls and Hotties Open Thread

World Cup madness is winding down with today’s third place match between Uruguay and Germany.  Action starts at 11:30 PT/2:30 ET/??? Nabeesco time.

Germany is heavily favored, though they are more even in their hottie matchup.



I’ll be at a bar so I may or may not be able to live-blog.



Forlan is forlorn. Close penalty kick off target

Doing dishes, can’t hear clearly: Is Schwanzstucker playing for Germany?

Goal number five for Muller. Germany up 1.

More than one reputation is at stake: The octopus called it for Germany.

And a Group Dude Kiss follows the Uruguay goal.

Cavani scores a beaut against Butt. Equalized. I hope butt has a different meaning in German.

Schwanzstucker is playing for Germany. His long strike set up Muller’s goal on the rebound,

I don’t care what the announcers say, I like Suarez getting booed. Adds some texture to the vuvuzelas.

@Walking Still: You can always rely on Schwanzstucker for a long strike.

@karen marie: Counter-argument: Someone’s getting all those calls right. Paul’s fame derives from his success.

Plus: You really can’t beat a Psychic Octopus for grandstand entertainment.

Suarez just misses a great chance. The boo birds will be ecstatic.

Note to SFL in abstentia: It’s Wet Jersey Nite!

Uruguay gives a trademark close hand ball. Schwanzstucker can’t convert.

Half time. Uruguay’s goalkeeper is hanging on by his teeth.

My coach says there’s another beer in the fridge.

Exxon Mobil commercial. I exercise great restraint and refrain from throwing my chair through the screen.

And in local ads, Meg comes out swinging: “Jerry Brown: A lifetime of politics, a legacy of failure.”

Great work by Butt to kill two shots.

Know Your Goalies pronunciation guide: “Butt” = “Boot”.

Forlan’s amazing shot gives him five. Uruguay takes the lead in its defense of the honor of the western hemisphere

Equalized again. Uruguay’s goalie should be looking for somewhere to hide.

Sorry, missed that one. Distracted by the robot cam behind the net.

Don’t know about Suarez, but the booing is really getting to Ian Darke.

Much less irritating than the vuvuzela.

If I understand correctly, there’s a Race for the Golden Butt.

And when the German goalie gets action, its a Butt-y call.

Uruguay’s goalie blocks a strong shot, but still allows a dangerous rebound.

@Walking Still: That’s worth a Rimshot and an Annoying Vuvuzela.

With Paul’s honor at stake, Germany scores again.

Germany scores. Paul is dancing in the streets.

Field-goal attempt with time out…

Last chance penalty just misses. It’s Paul’s world. We just live in it.

Next, the Picassos v. the Van Goghs.

Speaking as someone who really doesn’t give a shit, it’s an entertaining game that comes down to the last kick.

Thanks, kids. That was so much better than watching it!

Thanks for the recap. I’m watching the replay on Univision tonight. Just had a three hour lunch in Napa and mama needs a nap…

@SanFranLefty: There are few things in the world better than a three hour lunch in Napa.

@SanFranLefty: You inspired me. I just talked my wife into a day next weekend in Napa. We’re aiming at Mustards.

@SanFranLefty: I missed the whole thing. How come the guy who looks most like an SS officer plays for Uruguay? Did his grandpa get out of the fuhrerbunker in May of 1945?

I’m going to a friend’s house tomorrow to watch the championship game on Univision.

@walking s…: I’ve never been to Mustards – how is it? I was at Bottega in Yountville – that place is hella good. Tomorrow am is jogging, world cup viewing at the rental house, and afternoon wine tasting in Glen Ellen. Does not suck.

I have the WC open thread ready to go for tomorrow and confidential to Dodger he needs to see it.

ADD: Donde vives? Or is this just the latest permutation of our favorite Ess Eff libertarian?

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