A Public Service Announcement from the Progressive Bloggers of America

Won’t you join Mr. Dipshit Republican Asshole, Dr. Ewemustah Beshittinme, Mrs. Hillbilly Douchebag, Führer Adolf Hitler, Dr. Doo Little, Jesus Christ, and Mr. Osama Bin Laden in signing the petition to draft Sarah Palin as chair of the Republican Narional Committee? We can think of nobody else who could improve upon the joy that Michael Steele has brought into our lives.

Draft Sarah for RNC Chair

Heh – that would be AWESOME! Anybody think she’d make it to the 2012 election cycle before quitting?

Unrelated: we are so fucked, even the American Enterprise Institute (not exactly known for its liberal leaning…) is very nearly calling for more government spending. Oh, they don’t actually say it – but remarks about the Japanese and Eurozone issues strongly imply that even the neocons have started to realize that slashing spending right now could tip the whole apple cart over into full-on Depression (and/or cannibal anarchy).


I guess Keynesian economics is appropriate in this situation and anyone who screams about controlling spending etc and worries about deficits right now is an utter fool.

It’s so sad how many peeps felt they had to sign anonymously.

Poor Sarah.

Alan Keyes would help continue the fine tradition of outreach that is such a cornerstone of the modern (?) Republican Party. However, I admit, I’d rather he run for the big chair. Maybe someone could convince Katherine Harris that it is time for her to return to a life of public service.

@Walking Still: Keyes might be the most batshit insane candidate out there with the possible exception of Sharron Angle. He would be perfect.

@al2o3cr: Give the neocon fucks cannibal anarchy! Fuck it! No power! No economy! Hunter gatherers again! The guy with the strongest arm and biggest fucking rock wins and gets to squat over your neocon skull and eat your fucking brains! Time to cancel all taxes on the rich! And have the Chinese call in the notes! Yeah! Let’s give them some fiscal responsibility now!

@FlyingChainSaw: TJ/ Dude! I totally forgot to put Chaka Khan in the Pepper post! I can’t believe you let me get away with it! (Yes, I blame you.)

ADD: I’ll add her tomorrow.

@JNOV: Chaka, please, forgive me, as I have no god before You!

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