Israeli Soldiers and Ke$ha in Hebron

I have no idea why this fascinates me:


Heh. I got that in my email updates from a defense website, but all I saw when I tried to play it were a bunch of hillbilly lookin Taliban on patrol.

Is there, perhaps, a nascent worldwide movement contained in the proliferation of young solders dancing to pop tunes in the middle of their deployment? Isn’t it, in a small way, a kind of anti-war protest?

You heard it here first…

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: I am too jaded to believe that after so many disappointments.

@blogenfreude: You need to come shroom with us at Disney…

well i know why it fascinates me bloggy…i know exactly where they are!!
and though i saw soldiers aplenty, never saw this. now THAT would be entertaining! they are walking one of the entrance paths to get to the Wall, or the arab market. i loved that place. here’s how you hondle in the arab market: you ask, how much? they say a hundred dollars. you offer 10 and before you’re done they’ll be chasing you and pleading for 5. one of the best attractions there are the tourists who say, a hundred? ok! and see the little kitty? cats are the rats of jerusalem. so sad, i fed them constantly.
ok, the real reason we aren’t going back in september?
HARVEST. we’ve got some serious weed growing and can’t bear to let it go to seed. inviting all stinquers to come down and help with the crops!!!


Philly Outskirts Challenger Update

I saw the Challenger parked in the garage lot yesterday, so I went to talk to the guy working on it. I noticed he had removed a wheel…

Me: Hey. This your Challenger? I usually see it parked across the street, and it’s been changing some. Haven’t had a chance to take a good look until now. ::takes a look — 6.1 Hemi, fat soft tires, but wait! Is that a chrome rim? No! Fuck! Thanks FSM it doesn’t look like a spinner::

Dude: Naw. It’s a guy’s who works here. He got rearended across the street.

Me: That sucks. What year is it?

Dude: ’09

Me: ::ugh:: So, what do you think about it?

Dude: It handles really well…

Me: ::Ugh::

Dude: And out of all the reissues, this one is the best.

Me: Thunderbird?

We: Hahahahahaha!

Me: You’re putting on rims?

Dude: The rims are for the boss — he has a red one with black stripes. Just seeing it they’ll fit…

Me: ::ugh::

Me: So, tell me the truth. If you had a choice between a ’71 or this one here, what would you chose?

Dude: It handles really well…[something about Camaros looking like shit and Mustangs looking like they just chopped off the rear of the older models]

Me: Okay, but what would YOU want if you had a choice.

Dude: I’d take an older one any day.

Me: Awesome. My name is JNOV. Nice to meet you. ::extends hand:: Don’t worry about your dirty hand; it’s cool.

Dude: I’m Dave. Nice to meet you, too. ::shakes hand::

ADD: Will now refer to this car as the Chimposter or Chimposer.

@Tommmcat Still Gets Carly Confused With Meg: More dancing troops.

@baked: I saw where them dudes may be in trouble.

Off to the range once I get my lazy ass in gear and pull some pistols from the locker. Going with .22 revolver and auto, the Glock and two .357 revolvers. Hiking later with Mrs RML to a little mountain at the edge of town above St John’s College after Day 2 of her fancy art thing. She’s never made it to the top, so we’re going for it.

Saw “Crazy Heart” last night. Seriously flawed movie, but some nice views of Santa Fe and the plains around here (“Red Dawn” does a nice job of showing off our mountains).

@JNOV: There’s one big reason to get a new one (other than the horrible handling of the old one) is this: no carburetor. Fuel injection was a huge step forward – I don’t think you can even buy a car with a carburetor today.

@blogenfreude: You certainly can’t. Emissions regs made sure of that. You can still get a variety of motorcycles with carbs, though. They’re going FI at a fair pace, but until the EPA comes down on motorcycles like they did on cars, carbs will still be a viable option, if only for cost reasons.

The Euro emissions requirements are forcing the hands of a lot of manufacturers, who don’t want to make two different bikes for the two markets, so you’re seeing a lot more bikes with cats and FI and more plumbing than any bike should reasonably have. They’ll never be as bad as cars, though, because motorcycle buyers are still very style-obsessed, so the rats-nest-of-tubes look will never fly in the way it could under a closed trunk.

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