Fox Jazeera Circles the Wagons

While Michelle Malkin and Allahpundit continue to dig deep into PimpGate, Saudi media empire Fox News tries hard to look the other way:

No where in the media material provided by the Department of Justice is there an allegation that they were trying to wiretap the Senator’s phones, though there are reports a listening device was found in one of the suspect’s cars.

The nature of O’Keefe’s apparent video project also remains unclear. He spent the night in jail and his lawyer was waiting to hear from him. Attorney Michael Madigan told me, “We don’t have any of the facts yet, but James O’Keefe, at heart, is a really good kid. We are looking into this further and are awaiting hearing from James directly.”

A source close to James told me “they were not attempting to wiretap the phones or anything like that,” and another source said “he would not want to do anything wrong.”

Was Fox News as understanding and indulgent when it ran the original ACORN story?

Is Andrew Breitbart, whose BigGovernment blog originally purchased and publicized the ACORN video, standing behind his man, or running away from the story as fast as possible?

Have any of the thirty-one congresscritters who signed onto a resolution to “honor Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe III for their work as investigative journalists” rushed to condemn O’Keefe’s attempted wiretapping of a United States Senator?

Do you really need us to tell you?

“ACORN” Filmmaker Arrested [Fox]

A source close to James told me “they were not attempting to wiretap the phones or anything like that,” and another source said “he would not want to do anything wrong.”

So O’Keefe was doing, what, a security audit of the Senator’s office telephone switch? Stealing the copper? Dry humping the PBX?

To ANGOLA with this freak!

Here’s my prediction: dude does 6 months, max.

And the only reason he does any time is because even GOP senators have to be a bit uneasy about a guy trying to wiretap a fellow Senator, even if he’s one of their guys… even if the Senator is a Dem.

@FlyingChainSaw: Oh, those wacky kids and their escapades! I hope Faux News shows this much indulgence for the poor black and brown kids arrested for slinging some weed and marched off to the California Youth Authority.

@Serolf Divad: Oh, you are an optimistic chap. I predict that the GOP starts howling about the Negro Mooslem Socialist persecutors of Barry Hussein Obama and Eric “Black Man!” Holder. I predict FBI will back off and drop all charges even when all the threads lead back to Karl Rove and the Joe Wilson crew.

Sorry, I don’t want to make this all about race. But nothing makes me more upset (well, other than abuse of animals and children and needless suffering) then seeing a bunch of asshat arrogant rich white boys (Homofascist nailed it on the head by saying his pimp outfit looked like a Northwestern/Univ of Chicago frat boy at a costume party) get off with a slap on the wrist for behavior that is actually a lot more terrible than the behavior for which we ruin the lives and future of and lock up poor minority youth for way too long.

/off soapbox, back to watching Federer play tennis, WAAAY past my bedtime. Can’t believe it’s been so long since I was in Melbourne watching Monica Seles, Agassi, and Venus Williams play at the Aussie Open. Tennis fans: You all must go at least once. AMAZING time.

Me, I’m just enjoying this a lot more than I expected. I really don’t care about ACORN Pimp Wiretapping Senator — but it’s sending out ripples that fascinate me. I think the academics call it Reception Studies.

@SanFranLefty: He’s just misunderstood! That rascal! Hahahahaha! Wait till a neonazi serial killer rips out his eyes and gets intimate with his skull in Angola. He’ll find out about rascalry.

Did you make it to Lygon Street when you were there for the open?

@Serolf Divad: Liberty/Pepperdine grad asshole jr. assistant U.S. Attorney will plead it out to 364 days deferred on a misdemeanor, $1,000 fine suspended, pay court costs, standard conditions of release for unsupervised probation concurrent with sentence. Apology to victim, community service optional. If the kid’s nose is clean upon end of probation/sentence, charges will be expunged. The only additional jail he’ll see will be on weekend MSNBC prison docs.

@redmanlaw: Ah Pepperdine, dumb rich white kids under a big cross above Malibu. For them, it’s all good.

It’s not Gotcha Journalism if Librals are the only ones who get, er, got.

Otherwise, it’s a horrible moral dilemma that forces RW wingnuts to rethink their values and… hahahahahahahahahaha

O’Keefe’s life mission was to provide titillation to neonazis. Now he’ll get to spend the rest of his life doing that 50-100 times a day for a building filled with neonazis. Hahahahahaha! If he makes it past the first day and if his new friends don’t snap him like a fucking twig.

Hey kids, the AlJazeera name check prompts me to share that pretty much the only decent world news out here is precisely that station. Oh, BBC is still reasonably good, and CNN International is still better than the USAmerica version (tough to do, I know), but AlThatJaz is really the, um, bomb. They stole all of these reporters that used to be on CNN international and most of the reporting is with that wry British inflection that just screams “fair and balanced”. Plus they seem committed to actually putting reporters on the ground in shitholes “news venues” such as Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Places Not Named Afghanistan Or Haiti – while also covering those places really really well. They’ve got this really bodacious professional latina doing “reportage” from Haiti, I strongly recommend you add it to your cable package where available.

Oh yeah, and today I actually heard them use the tagline “AlJazz: fair and balanced”. I keed you not.

@Nabisco: Lot of talent from both BBC and ABC (Australia) were recruited to get if off the ground when the prince cut checks for its development.

@FlyingChainSaw: That would explain the hottie weather gal with the Aussie accent.

Question: have I been away from Ma Nabisco too long already if I’m referring to nearly every female news person with some variation on “hottie”?

answer: yes and yes…remember how my dear husband got his name.
we don’t need 2 ratbastards in stinqueville.

@baked: No worries there, baked. Ma Nabisco and I have an understanding, part of which involves my understanding that she would leave me singing falsetto in the Harry Reid Memorial Glee Club should I stray.

OK, I think I’ve worked out O’Keefe’s defense.

He was on a secret mission in hostile territory – the office of an avowed democrat – in an America controlled by an enemy of the state: the muslim interloper and terrorist Barack Obama. Since Obama is not an American and his administration illegal, all federal law is nullified until he is removed and replaced by an American.

Did I capture the wingnut logic or what?

HA! harry, one of many castrati’s. deecee would have a hell of a choir!

@FlyingChainSaw: Sorry to burst your bubble, but Angola is a state prison. At best, Jimmy might spend a few months at Club Fed working on his golf swing.

@Mistress Cynica: I am hoping for a state referral and LA venue and law for O’Keefe. Better, there has to be some aspect of the terrorism laws that could be used to send him to the gas chamber or something. Die, you fuck, die!

@FlyingChainSaw: Ooooh, perhaps we could declare him an enemy combatant and ship him to Guantanamo!

@Mistress Cynica:
if it had been a liberal in a wingnut office this would already be underway.

@FlyingChainSaw: If the prosecution does their job (hahahaha) they will easily be able to demonstrate that this was a willful attempt to record communications with the intent to embarrass or create scandal for Landrieu because of her not recommending Robert Flanagan’s father for the post of USA/west district-Louisiana.

William Donald may have only resigned last week but his leaving has been known since at least July 2009 when Landrieu submitted her recommendations.

I am not at all surprised that the Village has been silent on that aspect of the case.

@karen marie: Or – attempted extortion. Angola, baby, a blushing bride is on its way to you! Release the neonazis to the courtyard for an entertainment!

@Mistress Cynica: Yes with a tattoo of the cross of St. George on his chest – just to make sure he is popular with his cellmates.

Im with you. Angola. along with a truckload of lube.

@Tommmcatt Say Relax: Sure, those neonazi serial killer scamps will be good company for those wiretapping extortionist rascals!

@Capt Howdy: You have a future in consumer products, sir!

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