You Don’t Know What Loathe Is

Kick me, you fool.In the alternative universe where America plays futbol, Alternate Universe President Obama would have a lot more than rogue bowing to worry about:

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak ratcheted up the diplomatic tension with Algeria yesterday as football-related violence continued to spread across both countries. In a statement to parliament, he told cheering MPs that “Egypt will not be lax with those who harm the dignity of its sons”…

Last week Egypt recalled its envoy from Algeria after expressing its “outrage” at the treatment faced by Egyptian fans in Khartoum, where Algeria won 1-0. Despite appeals for calm by the general secretary of the Arab League, Amr Moussa, rioting has spread to both capitals. In Algiers the offices of Egypt’s national airline were destroyed, while in Cairo security forces battled with protesters trying to reach the Algerian embassy, which was reportedly hit by firebombs. Parts of the city are under police lockdown.

And all the NFL can manage is a whiny attempt to limit tailgating? This country really has gone soft.

Mubarak adds fuel to fire as football riots spread [Guardian UK]

For a moment, I thought it was Foreigner lyric.

Or that the violence should be on the field where it belongs and not in the stands…

If you stop being lax do you become ex-lax?

They can follow in the footsteps of Honduras and El Salvador’s guerra del futbol in 1969.

For RML: 40th anniversary of the occupation of Alcatraz celebrated.

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