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Naked lunch.Title: “Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks”

Author: Carrie Prejean; foreword by Sean Hannity

Rank: 6,175

Blurb: “Carrie Prejean endured the hellish nightmare that the liberal media can inflict on anyone who disagrees with their agenda, but her faith, courage, and conviction have made her a role model for how we can stare down the bullies of political correctness and reclaim our God-given rights to freedom of speech, thought, and conscience.”

Most Helpful Favorable Review: “The original writing is common and fairly unexciting but the cover art makes the book a little more enticing. I like the way she’s looking up and to the side. It’s the same look she gives in that famous photo of her standing on a beach in the wind, her open shirt flowing back to expose her surgeon’s magnificent works of art.”

Customers Also Bought: “Playboy ’90s Playmate of the Year Collection” (DVD)

Footnote: 256 pages, but all anybody cares about Carrie Prejean can be summed up in two words, eight tapes, and thirty photos.

Still Standing [Amazon]

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I cannot be arsed to think about Carrie Prejean.

Tj/did anyone mention what a lovely time we all had at the stinque up in Little Tokyo? For it was, indeed, lovely. You all were a hoot.

Oh, and I beat Benedick to FIRST! Whootah!

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: Had it not been for my need to take a buddy to the airport at 6 AM the next morning, I could have stayed and enjoyed the conversation until they threw us out onto First St.

Re the “book”: does it come with a DVD?

@Dodgerblue: You are a good friend to take someone to the airport that early. Not many cabs in El Ay? And yes, I think we would have solved the world’s problems and created a new community theater if we had stuck around longer.

@Tommmcatt is hunkered down in the trenches: @Dodgerblue: @SanFranLefty: Haven’t met a Stinquer I didn’t like. I had a wonderful time, that even the resurgence of the cold from hell the next day couldn’t affect. SFL & TommCat (“Don’t look at me!”), great to meet you both and DodgerBlue, as always, a pleasure. TommCat, maybe we can head west and catch DodgerBlue playing the tunes….

@cassandra_said: I need to plan my next trip to coincide with one of his nursing home gigs.

Family Values: Carrie’s skinhead brother announces he would watch her sex tapes if they were released.

TJ, from the Onion, channeling my life:

CHARLOTTE, NC—Dawning horror tinged with self-loathing crept slowly over the face of claims adjuster Robert Pettlebaum, 42, as he described his job and by extension his life to others during a seemingly innocuous Tuesday lunch meeting. “Mostly what I do is I seek out discrepancies in the property appraisal versus the claimant’s estimate of worth and then I…then I defer outpays…with…oh, God…,” Pettlebaum said as shadows of unspeakable self-realization flickered across his increasingly desperate eyes. “Wait, no, that can’t be right. I don’t…do I?” Pettlebaum’s mounting terror was met with incomprehension and nervous laughter from his companions, who sources indicated have anywhere between three weeks and 27 years before realizing their own existences are as desolate and barren as his.

@Prommie: Status of one of my FB friends on Friday: “Dear Work – I fucking hate you.”

Dude is a classifications specialist for the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

/back to reviewing draft personnel policies. Worked on removal of a tribal elected official Friday-this morning when I wasn’t painting the LR and kitchen and rehanging the art.

@redmanlaw: Filing a low-probability petition for review in the Cal supreme court. Then a low-probability letter supporting someone else’s petition for review. Then two sets of comments under CEQA (California’s NEPA) on two huge development projects that will probably be ignored. On the positive side, I rode my bike to work this morning without getting killed.

@Dodgerblue: This evening I’m off to ABQ to see a buddy with more health problems than you can shake a stick at in the VA Hospital ICU. At this point his cancer is almost the least of his worries. I’ll be driving him back home to his ranch on Thursday after the docs spring him because his S.O. can’t drive. We’ll work the turkey around that, although I have no fucking clue why he’ll be getting out on fucking Thanksgiving Day. WTF?

@redmanlaw: One of my poker buddies is in the hospital here with multiple drug-resistant pneumonia. This, after spending years fighting crippling arthritis plus kidney failure. What’s that Neil Young line, “like a setting sun,” except that he’s not a junkie.

sending good vibes your way. pass them on.

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And what exactly are you gonna be doing as the cannibal hordes are chewing your face off–calling MONEX?

@Original Andrew: I think I smell spam. Besides which, who’s got money to buy gold? Apart from noje, that is.

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