Lessons in Protocol

Watch the shoes, your excellence.

Left: President Obama bows for Japanese Emperor Akihito, a gesture of respect setting off yet another firestorm among wingnuts.

Right: President Bush demonstrates the proper way to honor Japanese hosts.

How low will he go? Obama gives Japan’s Emperor Akihito a wow bow [LAT]

Real Ammurricans don’t show no respect for nobody. The president should have kicked the emperor in the face just like Chuck Norris.

Admittedly, that is a fairly deep bow. It’s at or around Disgraced Corporate Official Apology To Press level. (Yes: they have disgraced corporate officials who apologize. Novel idea.)

But, still: COME THE FUCK ON.

W would have shown him his codpiece, then asked for Japanese troops to help him out in Iraq.

TJ/ Best line from a lobbyist EVAR:

Asked about the Congressional statements, a lobbyist close to Genentech said: “This happens all the time. There was nothing nefarious about it.”

In reference to the shockingly similar statements placed in the record by 40+ Congrescritters, which were apparently all ghostwritten by the same lobbyist.

@al2o3cr: Does he/she get a cut of residuals, I wonder?

He does the Japanese curtsy and everyone freaks the fuck out.

But how come no one mentioned the day Bush sucked the tongue of a Saudi thug in the Rose Garden?


And how come no one made a big deal of Bush spending most of his presidency sucking off Victor Ashe and being savagely ass fucked by Jeff Gannon?

@al2o3cr: I have to ask. Are you Ewalda? Replies can be sent under seal to lynnlightfoot at hotmail.com. If I’m either wrong or right, nothing rude please. I’m a sensitive child.

Jesus Christ, Obama’s like 17 feet tall. Any bow he makes is going to seem low.

Actually, proper protocol demands U.S. presidents give foreign leaders a back rub in such circumstances.

@RomeGirl: My complaint is with Hopey’s protocol officer. You don’t bow and shake hands. Hands on your thighs, eyes up, and never bow lower than the other guy. At least he didn’t shout ‘banzai’ (‘a hundred years!’)…

@Just Nabisco: Bisco, seems to me that many of the idiot critics are missing something important. They seem to be viewing this as an example of bowing in obeisance to royalty, which presidentts should not do, but, in Japan, isn’t it the case that everyone bows to everyone? Isn’t it simply customary during all formal introductions? Doesn’t this matter, as well, and make the criticism more silly?

And for that matter, I know Obama was in the host country, and bowed to give respect to local customs, and as you point out, also shook hands.

Is it so uncommon in meetings between national leaders for both to engage in both of their customs? Why would Aikhitos protocol officer not also advise him to shake hands?

@Promnight: Yeah, the bow is a must-do. But it is as much about posture and eye position as anything. If you want to fuck with your Japanese host, you keep moving yor head a hair lower than theirs; they’ll keep moving lower, it’s instinctual.

The handshake fits in just nicely right after a quick bow.

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