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PH2006120701299David S. Broder:

The more President Obama examines our options in Afghanistan, the less he likes the choices he sees. But, as the old saying goes, to govern is to choose — and he has stretched the internal debate to the breaking point.

It is evident from the length of this deliberative process and from the flood of leaks that have emerged from Kabul and Washington that the perfect course of action does not exist. Given that reality, the urgent necessity is to make a decision — whether or not it is right.

Of course, I had a comment:

Oh David – how you must yearn for the days of The Commander Guy, when decisions were made in his “gut”. Sure, they were always wrong, but we had a Decider! Heaven forbid a president should actually “consult” with advisors or “think” about what’s the best way forward.

Our opinion media – monsters.


Right, what is with all this deliberation and examination of information and sources? What kind of asshole would do that? It’s like that other fucking egghead president, Eisenhower, who kept asking the SAC patriots to prove their point or fuck off. His dithering and traitorous use of high-altitude photography prevented America from bombing the Soviets into rubble – and look where that got us! We could have gotten our Apocalypse on time, the way God wanted!

Given all of this, I don’t see how Obama can refuse to back up the commander he picked and the strategy he is recommending.

From a dude who just praised MacArthur- firing Truman, that’s quite a statement.

One thing that gives me hope is a report that Obama is insisting the strategy include a plan for an exit. Sure, it’ll have all the usual caveats, but at least we’ll have one.

Okay, let’s get down to it…

In all this dithering, it’s easy to forget a few fundamentals. Why are we in Afghanistan? Not because of its own claim on us but because the Taliban rulers welcomed the al-Qaeda plotters who hatched the destruction of Sept. 11, 2001…

We knew that governing Afghanistan would never be easy. It had resisted outside forces through the ages, and its geography, tribal structure, absence of a democratic tradition and poverty all argued that once we went in, it would be hard to get out.

But George W. Bush said — and Obama seemed to agree — that withdrawal was not an option.

1. It wasn’t a war of necessity. The choice was between treating 9/11 as a criminal act, or an act of war.

2. Even if it was a war of necessity, that necessity seemed to vanish within eighteen months, during which the Bushies became more insistent on a war of choice.

3. From 2003 (and earlier) until 2009, Afghanistan was all but ignored by the Bushies in favor of fucking up another country. (Two others, including ours.)

4. Whatever opportunities there were to do it right seven or eight years ago, they’ve long since passed. We’ve lost what trust we had among the population. The poppies are in bloom. Our troops — doomed to multiple commitments by Bush — are exhausted. We’re not starting with a clean slate, and cannot.

5. And then there’s nuke-wielding Pakistan, another situation Bush fucked up royally.

Nobody thinks there are good alternatives — just bad and catastrophic ones. We’ve dithered for years — a few more weeks won’t make a difference.

@nojo: You should leave that in the comments … or maybe just email Broder, if he’s got his email posted.

@blogenfreude: I’d rather whine here — helps clarify my own dithering on the subject.

Who the fuck is he? Dick “Dick” Cheney?

Apparently his two years of stateside post-war military service (1951-1953) make him a war expert. He needs to go back to servicing Rove and STFU.

As it happens, I finally got around to watching “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie” last week — a 90-minute-long joke about a dinner party that never sits down to dinner. I suggest a Washington-set remake starring the DC chattering class.

I’ve uttered the very words Broder has written when faced with a boss who can’t make up his/her mind so I can’t exactly fault his wording but more the “thought” process behind it.

The “thought” process known as the hand up Broder’s ass, Karl Rove, has been doing his evil work yet again.

Hmm… will Obama:

a) add more troops and escalate the War

b) add more troops and escalate the War


c) add more troops and escalate the War

Tough decisions all around.

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