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Fat Fuck Forever!It’s the first Sunday of The Great NFL Fan Strike, so let’s check in with the Dittoheads who are giving up America’s Corporate Pasttime in solidarity with their Oxy-addled leader who cared too much:

  • Margarita: “First the commies took the auto industry then they’re working on national health care scam…but the NFL????”
  • Mary: “Frankly, this is even worse than the entire steroid scandal.”
  • Glenn: “The NFL…yet another bunch of liberal mind controlled by Obama creeps.”
  • Bobby: “An attack on Rush like this is an attack on all of us. People said that I was paranoid when I told them that my car had been vandalized just because I had conservative bumper stickers on it.”

  • Jeff: “Rush regularly turns over his microphone to Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, African Americans both.”
  • Gene: “J Lo and Fergie are NFL minority owners who have said and done much worse.”
  • Marj: “Wonder if Obama would be allowed to buy a team with all his ‘controversial and racists’ remarks. Ya think?”
  • jakemcintyre: “The Obama-Goodell-Castro NAFTA Superhighway will destroy, pave over Cowboys Stadium, Soldier Field, Lambeau Field. Fact.”
  • Hal: “So today, although it was difficult, I called up the Chiefs and canceled my season ticket account. I told them why. They asked me if it was really because they had lost so many games.”
  • Tim: “football without Rush is like thanksgiving without turkey”

And there they have a point: Comparing Rush Limbaugh to an artificially fattened perversion of nature is something we can all get behind.

Punt the NFL [Facebook]

#nflboycott [Twitter]


More proof that arsenic in drinking water is bad 4 ur brayne.

nojo, darling, put down the Cheetos. Step away from the keyboard. Put on some pants and go out in the world. You’ve done enough. Truly. You have gone where no man should ever have to go. And don’t think that we’re not grateful. But you must have sunshine, too. You must run in green fields and chase dachshunds. Well, you don’t have to chase dachshunds. You could chase something else. Just as long as it’s not called ‘Rush’. Or ‘Glen’. Or ‘militiaboy’. Play your Elaine Paige CDs. Get your hair done. Get a facial. Do something for you, big guy. Because we worry. There is only so much foaming nastiness one man can take and we don’t want to read about you being arrested for loitering in the Fox studio lobby with a carton of eggs and a copy of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus. We do not want to see that happen.

Marj has a point, even if the most racist thing Obama has yet done is to bowl a 37.

@Benedick: Everyone should chase dachshunds at least once in their life.

is Diyup Boy watching football?

“Hal” there provided the biggest laugh I’ve had all week. But Benedick is right, nojo darling. You sacrifice too much. Please, go to the beach. For us.

If all of these people stop watching the NFL and dump their fantasy football teams how will they fill the empty lives they must have that need to be filled with the NFL and fantasy football? Reading books? Listening to opera or classical music? Posting their seething rage on WND?

@Dave H: It’s your typical verismo crowd.

@Benedick: This is chasing dachshunds, snippy little bitches. And for a Fox protest, I might choose Aristotle’s De Anima instead of Wittgenstein. Or Kant, whom I have no use for, and would happily waste in the circumstances. Or just a flaming bag of turd.

As for Elaine Paige: Who? Although I like the “née Bickerstaff” from Wikipedia.

@nojo: Who? You funny thing, you. Elaine created Grizabella. And Norma in Sunset Boulevard. Who? *Chuckling*

Fuckbaugh should just start his own team – the Lawn Jockeys; all black guys – and have them play exhibition games against teams in wheel chairs. Then he can have a good time doing color for the games shouting about the darkies wailing on the cripples, win all the games and be able to complain about the oppressions of the commie fucks who are conspiring against his god-given right to use his riches to entertain himself with the sickest and most twisted amusements he can buy. The biggest impediment is finding 11 black guys who not sodomize Fuckbaugh with his own dismembered leg the moment they knew they had the chance.

Sell out crowd for women’s soccer at the campus of The Tree. #1 LSJU v. #3 Uklah. Nil-Nil at half but The Tree is dominating with 10 shots to Uklah’s 4.

Looks like the Titans are in on the strike. NE 45:0 TEN. At — oh my — HALFTIME.

@chicago bureau: You’ll be happy to know that The Tree beat Uklah 2-0, thus solidifying the women’s soccer team’s #1 national/Pac-10 ranking. One of the goals was an amazingly gorgeous diving header.

WTF? Can someone please explain to me why I can’t find the DBs vs. the JNOVs on the TV? What?

ADD: And why the fuck is Desperate Housewives still running?

It’s on TBS.

And it’s JNOVs 8, DBs 0.

@JNOV: I could have gone hiking in Yosemite today but instead I drove 80mph all the way home to watch this turd of a game.

@Dodgerblue: Why? To watch the JNOVs kill you 11-0? And to hear about how the fabulous female futbolistas at Stanford spanked Uklah? I have fotos that I could put on FB that show the fabulosity of the female soccer Trees?

do you want to drive 80 mph to get back up in the Sierras?

I’m sorry, honey.

@SanFranLefty: Photos of female athletes are always welcome on my computer screen. Post away.

@Dodgerblue: The quality of the photos isn’t that great since I took them with a camera phone. Here are more photos of them in action earlier this season, and here is a photo of the player who made a gorgeous cross for goal #2. She was so small but she was insanely speedy and has mad ball skills, and was just as physical as the UCLA players trying to shove her around. Apparently she played in the Olympics and the Women’s World Cup for the New Zealand national team.

Countdown to Game 4: DBs vs. JNOVs.

Oh, my. A homerun. Whaddya know?

Woo hoo! Just caught the tail end of the ALCS.

Los Angeles Anaheim Caliphonya Angels beat the Yankmes. I’m on an anyone but the Yankmes/Bawstun theme this year.

@ManchuCandidate: Just in time so I can justify an episode of House before returning to my sickbed.

Oh, well, hell! This sucks ass!

DBs up by 1. We are nervous. Plus, I’m still at work.

With former Dodger Chan Ho Park in, we should get a lot of them.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Swine flu?

Hey, I’m going to be in DC in November and December. Would love to get together with you and the recently absent MellBell.

@Dodgerblue: I cheer for the team that can beat the Yankees. Tonight, it’s the Dodgers.

Oh, man the JNOVs just pulled it off at the bottom of the 9th.

Godspeed in beating the Yankees, you JNOVs.

Speaking of chasing dachshunds, the wiener dog races are coming back to the bay area horse race tracks in a few weeks. Shall I liveblog and take pictures?

@SanFranLefty: Well, that’s over. When does college basketball start?

@JNOV: Even I will root for the JNOVs against Los Yanqis.

@SFL: let us know the dates! Nov 2 thru about the 20th are bad for me, training that happens off the grid, not even visits with the Nabiscos then.

@Dodgerblue: College b-ball starts in a few weeks.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Naturally I’ll be there in that window.

@SanFranLefty: First UofL game televised in this market is exactly four weeks from now! Oh, and hi. :) I’m around most nights and can pretty much always do lunch, so just drop me a line when you’re on your way.

I wish those Dodgers would stop hitting our batters.

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