Which PayPal link would Jesus click?

Go ahead – send BlueGal some love.


Thank you, Stinque! You are God. xo

@nojo – This is my favorite Belgian pisswater – had it fresh in Ghent, and it’s a wonderful beer.

@blogenfreude: Oblique reference to last night’s (surprisingly decent) SNL, which trumpeted BelgianPisswaterCo’s American outlet as its sole sponsor.

But the commercials were, um, odd, a series of “whimsical” spots showing a bottle of PisswaterLite falling in love with a sheaf of wheat. Like I would drink something they fucked in?

@blogenfreude: Drank much Leffe in a Belgian-themed bar in Tokyo, very nice.

@nojo: I chuckled at the “Rock Obama” piece, except for his insistence on a Tarzan locution, the rest is fairly unmemorable. Of course, I’ve been running a fever lately…

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: I realized last night that watching SNL is my version of Sport: Most weeks I expect them to suck, but I keep hoping they’ll score on occasion.

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