Stand By Your Brands

  • Plus Invesco, Reliant, LP, Lucas Oil...Heinz Field
  • Gillette Stadium
  • FedExField
  • Ford Field
  • Qwest Field

  • Qualcomm Stadium
  • Lincoln Financial Field
  • M&T Bank Stadium
  • Bank of America Stadium
  • Edward Jones Dome
  • Candlestick Park (formerly Monster Park, formerly 3Com Park, formerly Candlestick Park)

Then you’ve got:

Pacbell Park

and (my favorite)

TD Bank Park (fuckers!)

San Francisco has a ballot initiative in November on whether to keep Candlestick from selling out its name ever again.

@JNOV: No longer PacBell Park. SBC (nee Southwestern Bell) bought Pacific Bell about 5 years ago. Now renamed SBC Park. I still call it PacBellPark because of the nice rhythm.

If we’re going with the brand names let’s not overlook the University of Louisville’s own Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

The Indianapolis Colts began in the Hoosier Dome which became the RCA Dome and are now relocated to Lucas Oil Stadium. I think when Peyton Manning retires they’re jumping from the NFL to NASCAR.

Boomer Esiason just told me that tomorrow night’s game in Green Bay will be important to Brett Favre since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Brett’s wife overcame “breast cancer awareness.”

It’s tough to beat Touchdown Jesus Stadium in South Bend.

@Dodgerblue: Fuck the Fighting Irish. Even Joe Queenan thinks it’s mostly Hibernian hooey.

Shouldn’t some of these be renamed “Receivership Field”?

Then we’ve got:

Citizen’s Bank Park (used to be the Vet)

Wachovia Center

Wachovia Spectrum

Banks are evil.

The Invesco Field Broncos go 4-0. Could still go 4-12. Watching Keith and Dan and a gentleman who appears to be a Vulcan on Football Night in America.

Glad the Cowboys lost, and the Giants won, but the Jets stunk out the joint. Of course, if they have to lose one game this year, I suppose I don’t mind that it’s the Saints.

@redmanlaw: Cowboys can’t blame this one on Jessica Simpson, either. What’s their new excuse? She has a voodoo doll of Tony?

Good day for my wimmenz futbol team, 2-1 victory. Five shots on goal from yours truly, two of which ricocheted off the inside (!) of the goal post back out…other three punched out by their goalie…oy vey, such bad luck!

@SanFranLefty: The Cowboy fanbase will suddenly discover that Romo’s Mexicano.

@SanFranLefty: Prom Jr. continues to get shelled. Have I explained that in our town, there is rec soccer, the recreational league, they play each other, the skill is not great. And there is a travelling squad that plays all over the state, obvs the better players. This year, they had so many try for the travelling squad, they created a second travelling squad, skill, not quite at the league level, unfortunately.

The ball stays in our side of the field 3/4ths of the time. Our guys, many are skilled, but, well, heavy kids, they get winded, and we have 11 kids, not much substituting.

Junior is constantly getting shelled, often one on one, they sometimes have time to tee it up. He gets 25 serious shots at him per game. Today, it wound up 5 to 1.

But he does great, he’s really good, and fierce, intense, and no fear, fell on a ball today with two opposing players within 2 feet, one just about to kick him in the head, no fear, they fell over and on him as he covered the ball, and he does great knocking down, and catching, fierce shots. And then he punts it to midfield on the 70 yard field.

I is so proud. Its the mental toughness, he does not flag or despair at all the weight on him, and the shots that get by.

@JNOV: Darlin, what’s going on with the banks?

@Promnight: If he can keep that fearlessness with him, he’ll be a starter on a Division-I team in the NCAA. Seriously, so many goalies have breakdowns due to the creeping fear of getting a face kicked in or a goal scored on them. If Jr. can keep it at bay or ignore it, he’s unstoppable.

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