A League of Our Own

Communist Martyrs High School.We neglected to mention last week that in addition to team political contributions, the NFL also maintains a lobbying office in Washington, D.C. As well they should, since they have a Congress-approved monopoly to protect.

Some may call that Socialism — in America, no less! — but we’re more concerned about league regulations that strangle the ability of teams to compete on a free gridiron. If we want a sport that really reflects our values as a nation, we should just throw twenty-two dudes onto a field and let them score touchdowns by any means necessary. Heck, we might even contribute to their charity healthcare to maintain purity of excellence.

Just a thought as we enjoy some refreshing Belgian Pisswater during today’s Stinque Tailgate. Go Local Corporate Scumbags!


My Jets fansite schedule had the wrong time … Jets at TN 1 pm EST – if anyone cares.

Starting with the J-E-T-S vs. the Titans here on the Left Coast, and although no one else will care, afternoon will be my beloved Broncos vs. the deadbeats and societal rejects that make up the Raiders.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I will also take a quick look to see just how hideous the C-Hox’ lime-green uniforms will look in broad daylight. The U of Oregon thinks those things are a fashion faux pas.

Why are the Jets dressed like Oilers?

@JNOV: That’s the Titans dressed like Oilers – it’s throwback day, so the Jets and Oilers dress in their original duds.

Silly, I know.

Report from the Bay Area women’s soccer pitch: Think I almost gave myself heatstroke running around on a plastic turf soccer field for 90 minutes in 90 degree weather in Shallow Alto on a Spare the Air Day (aka our sky looks like LA’s). The plastic turf (I hate that shit) got so hot that it was melting the cleats on our shoes. Had two shots on goal and a couple of assists but we lost (again) to a team of 22 year olds. We won our division last season and got bumped up to a higher division of twenty-somethings. We need to go back down to our old ladies’ division.

Also, today is Folsom Street Fair, couldn’t have had better weather. You know you live in San Francisco when the guy standing in line behind you at Jamba Juice is wearing nothing but assless chaps. I love this city.

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