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Eric Cantor:

Speaks for itself, really.

ADDED: Another GOP healthcare douchebag gets lauged at … in Kansas.


Amazing. I was waiting for Cantor to advise her to get the relative shitfaced and manipulate them to leave her the entire estate before she kicks off, in grand Republican style.

Yes, Eric Cantor, she COULD take weeks, maybe months to try to qualify or find someone willing to provide care pro bono, but by that time her tumors will be that much larger, being that much more complicated to remove, and the cancer could by then have metastasized to other organs, and she could end up dying sooner than if she had gotten appropriate treatment at the appropriate time.

What is so horrible about having universal health care that covers every person?

French families spend half what worse care costs Americans. UK families spend one third as much for better health outcomes.

This whole debate is so stupid it makes my head hurt.

@karen marie: This whole debate is so stupid it makes my head hurt.

Careful, that may be declared a pre-existing condition.

@karen marie:

That’s it: Eric Cantor IS a death panel! :)

It’s funny that he says the government should do a better job of letting people know about the current options that exist. In Arizona, at least, the state goes out of its way not to notify its citizens of programs like KidsCare and similar programs for poor children and their parents. They don’t want to have to spend the money because they don’t think these programs should exist.

Dollars to goddamn donuts, this woman earned (note: EARNED) too much money last year, which is what the programs Assface is talking about base their qualification for benefits on, to qualify for government funded healthcare. Most of these programs are based on people who are earning within a few thousand dollars of the poverty level which for this year is $10,830. So, if she’s living the American dream and paying her mortgage, car payment, car insurance, food, utilities….you know those things that keep you off the fucking street… she might not have enough over to pay her $500.00 COBRA payment. The immediacy of the fall from hard-working, paying the bills member of society to destitute, homeless, can’t get a necessary operation to save your life is terrifying. The stupidity, cravenness, cowardice and greed that have been a part of what is a right, not a privilege breaks my heart. We are absolutely doomed.

@Just Jamie: Few years ago Texas decided that they’d make all the families re-enroll their kids in their Medicaid program every six months. Number of covered kids dropped as of course families were not told of this requirement, the paperwork requirement was onerous, and the private contractor who had the sweetheart deal from the state to process the apps kept mysteriously losing paperwork and denying people. That policy of making kids re-enrolll is one of the “anti-fraud” provisions that Arnie’s budget has for California. So in addition to kicking a couple hundred thousand kids out of Healthy Families, the remaining ones will find it that much harder to get any sort of Medi-Cal services.

@cassandra_said: People die every day and the rate will increase because of their fucked up policies and lack of Medicare for all, and they don’t give a shit. How they can sleep at night is beyond me.

love that he appropriated the stupid hat from the actual dinosaur guy.

@SanFranLefty: Arizona tried to do that in this year’s budget but reversed themselves after the governor vetoed it because making that change endangered a shitload of federal stimulus funds.

@cassandra_said: I spend more than $10,000 a year on my car, gas, insurance. Yikes.

@SanFranLefty: You know about the Privacy Rule? Clinton’s wonderful law which requires the financial institutions you do business with to refrain from selling your private personal information?

Ooops, it doesn’t do that, it doesn’t prohibit them from selling your private, personal information. No, its says that if they want to sell your private, personal information, they have to give you notice, and an opportunity to opt out.

Well, we all know that creating this notice and opt-out structure is simply a deliberate means to make it likely that you will disregard the notice or forget to opt-out and the banks and credit card companies and lenders and insurors will be free to sell your information to anyone they want.

And the law says the financial institution has to provide you with a notice and opt-out at the inception of your relationship with them. Thats nice. Then it says they have to provide you with a new notice and opt-out every year. Now that never made sense to me. I have read the Code and regulation, and the funny thing is, nowhere does it ever say that the opt-out expires, or is only good for a year, or anything like that. But, the regs do say the FI has to send a new notice and opt-out every year.

For the longest time, I thought this was just some indirect way to fund the post office, requiring the banks to mail a stupid and unneccesary notice to you every year.

But then I realized, no, the law deliberately sets the consumer up to fail. Here you are, you already got a notice and opted out. Now you get another notice and opportunity to opt out. The first notice you got never explained that your opt-out will only last until you receive the next notice. The new notice in your hand never explains that if you don’t send in this second opt-out, you first opt-out is negated. You might well think to yourself, “I already opted out,” and throw the second notice in the trash. Noone ever explains that not only do you have to opt out, you have to keep opting out again and again and again.

And this is why I hate Clinton and all things Clintonian. Clinton was the slippery master of fucking you over while gently explaining how nice he is being to you. This Privacy Rule is just one example, the fact is every single fucking thing he ever did was like this, slippery, deceptive, and in the end, a betrayal and fucking over, wrapped up and presented as a present. He worked for Wall Street, he signed GLB, he fucking was the first to say we don’t have to worry about manufacturing jobs going extinct, we could all get $50 in aid to go to school to learn how to get a job building information superhighways. We could all work writing the accounting software that they would use to ring up our order at Taco Bell and the inventory control software that would keep those Walmarts stocked, in a never-ending economic circle-jerk perpetual motion machine. Fuckstick.

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