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Abandon ship!Title: “Speech-less: Tales of a White House Survivor”

Author: Matt Latimer

Rank: 81

Blurb: “If only there had been more Matt Latimers in the Bush administration.” (Tucker Carlson)

Review: “I’ll keep this book until late October when I’ll need kindling for my fireplace.”

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Footnote: Although not our usual Wingnut Special, there’s been enough chatter around this book (by a former Shrub speechwriter) that we can’t ignore it. Bush, upon first hearing of Sarah Palin: “What is she, the governor of Guam?”

Speech-less [Amazon]

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Bush, upon first hearing of Sarah Palin: “What is she, the governor of Guam?”

Guess he wasn’t reading Brand W in 2007 like we were.

I have to admit, that’s kind of funny, what he said there.

I would totally buy this book because I always pictured Bush’s speechwriters just mainlining gin whenever he got up to speak their words, and I’d like to know what they really thought. I mean, think about it: As a serious writer (as opposed to the crap I get paid for), your dream would be to write the historic words spoken by a president. You finally get your shot… and it’s BUSH. The man gave me a stomachache whenever he spoke, because it was like watching a real-life nightmare where you’re public speaking and have no idea what you’re saying or if you’re even saying it right. And that’s just me sitting in my house; he wasn’t reading MY words. And that’d be after they’d have dumbed down all the prose they dreamt of writing for a president. Those poor, poor guys.

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