The Amazing Racism

Somethin' always happens whenever we're together.

Monday morning, a high-school student was beat up on a St. Louis-area schoolbus. He had been looking for a seat; not finding one, he gingerly removed a bookbag occupying space and sat there. Upon which the bag’s owner started hitting him. Another student joined in, and others on the bus cheered.

Let’s cast the scene. We have some options…

(a) The student is white; the kids beating him up are black.

(b) The student is black; the kids beating him up are white.

(c) Open casting! Doesn’t matter who plays which part, since race has nothing to do with it.

As it happens, the fact of the matter is (a) — although it just as easily could have been (b), since the truth of the moment is (c). It was a bog-standard schoolbus fight.

Which isn’t, unfortunately, how the cops first described it:

“In my estimation, it’s racially motivated,” said Capt. Don Sax of the Belleville Police Department. He said one reason he had formed this opinion was that many of the students, most of whom were black, yelled their support for the beating.

Before you jump to conclusions — there will be plenty of that in a moment — note that the chief retracted his statement Tuesday morning, and that the local superintendent had said Monday there were no racial problems at the school.

Note as well that the ironically named Belleville “has had a long history of racial turmoil, with a past that includes police harassment of black motorists, cross burnings and discrimination in city hiring,” according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

You’ll forgive us if that description sounds a lot like tyranny. Real, practical tyranny, not the fantasy kind that captures the imaginations of the spelling-challenged.

So, knowing what we know — or heck, pretending it’s Monday afternoon and we don’t know it yet — let’s go to the tape…


Malkin: “Speaking of the Obama administration and tolerance for racial thuggery…”

Limbaugh: “In Obama’s America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, ‘Yay, right on, right on, right on, right on’.”

Payback for Skip Gates? Perhaps. Deflecting attention from hung-like-a-horse Obama mounting White America? Maybe. Yet another cynical attempt to foment racism as a tool to gain power and influence? Of course.

Regarding which, we’d like to offer some friendly advice to Ms. Malkin: Whatever emerges from that Pandora’s Box you’re prying open, it’s coming after you next.

Dispute over seat sparked attack on school bus, student says [STLtoday, via Sully]

The horror of it all.

This abused kid will be the white people’s Rosa Parks. If the righteous REAL US Americanians have their way, blacks and other tinted peoples won’t worry about being at the back of the bus anymore because they won’t have buses or even go to school.

Truth is many of Drudge’s readers prefer to see it that way. “Oh those uppity blacks with their hope and Preznit. Thems folks needs to be knocked down a peg or one hundred.” Kinda ignoring the fact that many blacks weren’t exactly willing immigrants to US America.

One of the common themes in Asian cultures is a stratified class structure. For example, in Korean, there are actually 4 versions of Korean and they depend on the relationship between the speaker/speakee especially regarding class. My parents came from families that were “high” born nobles and thus “eelight” even though my relatives live very modestly for such high “birf.” Why I bring this up is in relation to Misch Malkin. I’m guessing her parents (Malkin’s parents were high up in Philippine society) molded her to be a eelight so she sees herself as one of the eelight even in US America because she hangs around with “eelights”–my parents tried, but failed with me for the most part. Despite her brown skin, she believes she is better than the rest of us tinted assholes because she’s an “eelight.” This is why I think she is who she is … plus the crazy. Never forget the crazy.

Andrew Sullivan hits on this too.

Hell, if someone driving a car with an Obama sticker cuts off another car on 880, obviously that’s racially motivated too.


tj/ NM Gov. Bill Richardson’s gay barber killed in street attack.–Slain-man-was-victim-of-battery

So sorry to hear about B’s dog.

these same villagers are no doubt the ones who have their panties in the biggest bunch over Carter calling out the racism.
like Bubba used to say, it’s a hit dog that howls.


love you reds, xoxo

i coulda done without the women of the IDF post.
PTSD, y’know. but hey, i can understand. i liked that comment,
“sexy and deadly”…ayup.

@baked: The girls of IDF have a number of devoted fans at stinque. Having been there in the middle of all that, I can see how it can be jarring for you to be taken back. My National Guard buddy had nightmares for a long time after his second tour in Iraq, but he’s looking forward to Bosnia and possibly an African deployment even after getting shot the last time out.


yes, it will take a few days to get used to going to the movies/hair salon/etc. without undergoing a body cavity search.

btw, time to change my avatar. word press and i are on shaky terms. advice anyone?

@baked: Beg.

T/J One of the things I have never understood about my adopted motherfuquingland is the taking of the children to school in buses provided by my tax dollars. Why don’t the parents take them? Or why don’t they ride public transport? Why? Why? Why???

@Benedick: They ride public transit here. No school buses in Ess Eff, can’t afford them.

Sadly an 11 year old riding the Muni bus home two weeks ago was stabbed by a deranged homeless man, who has not yet been caught. Child is recovering, after a week in the hospital.

@Benedick: Public transport? In America? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

@Benedick: Obviously because scary Messicans and black people also ride public transit, and we can’t expose our children to that kind of risk.

But speaking seriously, where I grew up in a remote suburb of Seattle, there was no public transit option. I had to ride a bus because my parents both worked, and their schedules didn’t match up with taking me to school. I later rode a bike when I got to a school that was a bit closer to home. The situation is the same for most of suburban and rural America.

There are certainly people who complain about taxes paying for school busses, but I’m generally all for anything that makes getting to school easier for kids. We have enough trouble with kids dropping out and not learning a thing as it is.

@IanJ: Swetheart, we live in the land of personal responsibility. Not to get at you but I took three buses to get to school. When I stayed late to rehearse my debut as Cordelia after being chased around the choir loft by my first love it took me almost 2 hours to get home. In my socialist/late empire England.

And yes, it can be inconvenient for the parental units but:

I don’t get it. You Yanks speak with forked tongue. Schoolbus=Socialism.

@Benedick: Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.
– Walt Whitman

shut the f&^k up!
– Bill O’Reilly

@Benedick: Yeah, well, I had a ragtop Jeep without locking doors, and any given afternoon it could be anywhere in the high school parking lot. On pavement, if I was lucky.

I was ticketed for the ersatz parking one day. I don’t recall if the vice principal believed me when I explained I didn’t do it.

I still don’t understand why I have to pay taxes to a bus company to get my neighbor’s scum to school. Why is this not her (applying the term loosely) responsibility? I need an answer.

Where does it say in the Costitution that I have to provide transport for neighborhood scum?

@Benedick: Trolley and two buses here. Met people who took buses all their school lives and thought it bizarre to have all the kids isolated like that. The great thing about public transportation as school kid conveyance is the moderating factor of having adults around. In the scenario at hand, the raging afrosumpremist would likely be whacked by someone and told to sit down, instead of being cheered on by the al qaeda cadet corps.

@Benedick: Absolutely. In fact, if they walk on your lawn, you are obligated by the second amendment to use them for target practice.

But why is this not the parents’ responsibility? If I can’t be gay married to the OH why do I have to pay for little Brittney to get to school?

@Benedick: A bus company?

Oh, right. Outsourcing. Our district owned its buses, and kept them in a lot across from my high school.

As to your question: Like Medicare, anything that existed prior to 1981 isn’t socialism but a god-given American right.

Wait. You have a child. (you poor dear) Said child must get to school. Why is it my responsibility? Children scare me. I won’t be in an empty room with them. You get them to school. Why must I employ a cadre of unemployable senior citizens to drive miles and miles to pick them up and deliver them later?

Like Benedick, I’m paying taxes for a service I don’t use even though I have a school age kid. On the other hand, I don’t mind helping out on public school bond issues, and the local rodeo grounds, domestic violence and homeless shelters, and senior centers, etc. via taxes.

Son of RML’s Catholic school does not have any buses, and the local not bad city bus does not have a convenient route there so I pile him in the truck and drive him over (about 8-10 mins) like all the other parents. I just wonder what our school’s carbon footprint is for that. If we have our shit together, Mrs RML and I keep going toward downtown and she picks him up at the end of the day, while I stay at work ’til 5 and catch the bus home. (Bet I was the only guy reading “The Prince” on the bus the week before last.) I rode the bus to school as a kid from the village on the rez to town.

@Benedick: I’m not really sure what the answer is but I’ll give you my default answer to similar inquiries.


You funny Americanscis.

Children can make their own way to school. Which would release about two-thirds of school budgets to examine Darwin’s theory. A win-win situation.

@Benedick: Not to mention hoofing it or biking to and from school might do something about the childhood obesity epidemic.

/latchkey kid of the ’70s

What’s funny is that I consider it slightly eeleetist to have Mom drop the kid (rarely more than one) off at school, when there are perfectly good school buses. But then I always rode a BlueBird, even in high school when all the Nojos were driving themselves.

By fifteen I was allowed to go by bike, which gave rise to my affection for two wheeled locomotion. There’s a different kind of freedom when you hop on your banana seat and skedaddle off school property on your own terms.

Now we live in bucolic small town America, and Junior and Sis will be able to walk the 2 miles or so on their own in a year or two.

@The Nabisco Quiver are Go!: Yeah, well, I walked to grade school and junior high for nine years. I earned that two years of Jeeping.

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