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He meant “Pipers” because of the blowing.

The first sign is merely an homage to Glenn’s rant against “OLIGARHY”.

Hey SFL: “Politian” is an 8-letter word — not that you need any help kicking my ass at Scrabble.

Does this mean that Vitter doesn’t have a diper fetush but likes to cover his winkie like a DQ dipper fetush?

@ManchuCandidate: Off topic: I’m going to spend next week in your wonderful country, Vancouver Island to be specific. I’m looking around for some loose loonies and toonies from my last trip. What’s the loonie/USD ratio these days?

It’s around 1.1 Loon to 1 US America dollar. At least it’s not 0.9 which destroys our export industry.

Beautiful country on Vancouver Island.

@Dodgerblue: Vancouver Island is gorgeous. Make sure to check out the Butchart Gardens outside of Victoria.

Sport TJ: WTF is going on with UT? Wyoming is dominating them.

@SanFranLefty: WTF is going on with the refs? The whole 1st and goal, 3rd and goal, 3rd and short mess was ridiculous.

@Just Jamie: Yes, that was dumb. And the refs screwed up that other call – McCoy totally fumbled and they let UT keep the ball. Longhorns keep playing like this and they will deserve to lose. I told you last night I had a bad premonition about this game…Wyoming is fired up and the Horns look like they’re playing in molasses.

Apparently the “dipers” guy didn’t realize that already happened, and his party were the shitbags that got thrown out…

@Just Jamie: 27-10 allows me to breath a little more easily. Maybe Dick Cheney was involved in the first half.

@SanFranLefty: I cannot breathe easy until a game is over. I’ve suffered from Oiler-induced PTSD since January 1993.

UCLA 19, Tenn 10, start of the 4th qtr. Note to SEC teams: don’t pretend to have a passing offense against a Pac 10 team.

@Just Jamie: Exhale. 41-10. The second half looked like my Horns, a friend’s theory on the first half was they were getting whalloped by the altitude. I did see a lot of the UT players sucking oxygen on the sidelines in the 2nd half.

@SanFranLefty: It’s official. Woo hoo! To be honest, though, I switched over to UH v. OSU and nearly scared the dog when UH got an INT to TD with 3:15 left to go ahead by 10. The teevee tells me the Cougars haven’t beaten a top 10 team since 1984. [fingers crossed]

@SanFranLefty: Shoulda trained on top of the clock tower.

@Just Jamie: If that’s the clock tower, it still freaks me out. I used to scare myself as a kid with the AP Yearbook account.

@Just Jamie: Cougar High beat OSU?! Nice job!

@nojo: Yes it’s the clocktower. I think they’ve only recently (last year or two) opened it up to limited visits.

Passing thought: Should I set up Saturday/Sunday Sport threads for the duration?

@nojo: Yes, plus a MLB playoffs/series thread.

@nojo: You mean versus hijacking the other threads?

@Dodgerblue: Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you? It’s still drizzling here (in September, no less!) so I don’t know if the game’s going to start on time in another 15 minutes.

@SanFranLefty: Well, there’s that, but if y’all are going to make a habit of it, might as well run to the front of the parade.

@nojo: I anticipate DB will find a way to talk baseball smack this evening, regardless of whether there’s a thread designated for it.

@SanFranLefty: Are the damned Rockies ever going to lose again?
In other news, the University of Spoiled Children is leading the Buckeyes 10-7 in the 1st quarter. Go, Trees!!

@Dodgerblue: Oklahoma and OSU both lost today, so I’m a happy girl, regardless of the Trees’ choking.

@JNOV: That wasn’t a Stanford reference. A “Buckeye” is a tree. I usually demean Stanford as The Farm.

WTF just happened with Serena?!? OMFG!!!!

@SanFranLefty: @Dodgerblue: For the record, without more than basic cable, I’ve only been able to catch a quarter of local high school ball (Trojans are 2-0 making Jr’s ex-basketball coach perfect in his maiden season as f’ball coach!) and I saw the same two scores from the JoPa game that I also heard on the radio. I /did/ notice there was tennis on; last tennis match I watched on teevee involved Johnny Mac in extremely tight shorts.

Fortunately the Stillers are shown nearly 80 percent of the time on our local CBS affiliate, even though the market is technically Stark Raven territory.

@Dodgerblue: I thought a buckeye was some sort of target. Apologies.

@JNOV: Trojans went ahead and won in the last couple of minutes. Shitski.

SanFranLefty: Serena blowed up good. (Blowed up real good!)

Notably: she is knee-deep in the Jesus. Actually, if memory serves, a Jehovah’s Witness. The sect doesn’t matter so much as the profuse thanking of the Big Fella after she wins something. Not so much tonight after that foot-fault call.

@chicago bureau: God loves Sport. You didn’t know? He spends all His time in Happyland watching Sport 24/7/4evah on a wide-screen plasma TV. The seraphim are tasked with bringing Him beer and pizza. So it’s very important, whenever you win some Sport thing, to thank the Big Guy In The Sky. Otherwise he will knock you down and cripple you and make you come in second. And, as we all know, there is no fate more terrible than coming in second.

@chicago bureau: Her wack-a-doodle stage mommy is a J.H., I wonder how much she really is.

Well, I have very complicated emotions about this. I lurves Serena for her passion and joy for the game, but she was a wreck today. And (I’ve already related this on FB, but will rehash for you) I had a horrific encounter on Monday at my Y with a bunch of racist old white bitches who think “blacks don’t appreciate tennis” and that Venus has “no class” after losing to Clijsters, on which I disagree for so many reasons, because Venus was so awesome in losing to Clijsters, and was so graceful even though the obnoxious New Yorkers started cheering AGAINST her (I love Kim too, but c’mon, for fucks sake) and then here’s Serena getting so flustered and pissed at herself that she’s breaking rackets and screaming at the Asian line judge “I’m going to shove this fucking ball down your fucking throat” which of course the line judge says Serena said “I’m going to kill you” which made Serena flip out for all the reasons we understand. So I was watching my favorite tennis player self-destruct and I cried all the more to think of these self-satisfied smug rich Pacific Heights fucking old white women saying to themselves “I was so right, these NEEEEGROES don’t appreciate the rules of tennis” when I understand the passion – goddess knows I wanted to rip the head off of an opponent in soccer on more than one occasion – and I wanted Kim to win outright. So the whole thing was just sad.

And then watching the painful live press conference, where Serena was relaxed, and the moronic Japanese reporter asked her “Do you think there’s something about the way you look that scared the line judge?” and to her credit she just said “I don’t understand your question, that’s the dumbest question I’ve ever heard” and I wanted to reach out and kiss her and hold her hand.

I’m very verklempt.

Benedick: Funny — I always envisioned God as a guy who loved his sport, as well as beer and pizza.

Alright, DB, I’m ready for the punch. Doggers 9, Gnats 1, last time I checked. I’m going to go listen to music on the radio and go to bed.

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