Not Teabaggery

The Waldorf got two new condensers today, and I got to watch from a conference room. Sorry for the crummy cell phone photos.

You can see the old rusty ones they removed.



Looked to be about 20′ x 12′ x 9′, but I’m far from certain.


Steady …


The stickers on the side say “Evapco” – that’s so people in helicopters know what sort of condensers the Waldorf Astoria uses in case they’re in the market for one.


And there it goes.


I love big metal things.  Back in a few – they’re about to hoist the other one.


I saw units like these once delivered by SkyCrane. I rememberd I had an ancient rangefinder at the time, like a 1950s Agfa I found at a thriftie loaded with TriX and got some very scifi shots of the monster descending on an office building. Fourth shot from the top does a very credible job of managing contrast in a very challenging lighting scenario. Nice composition.

@FlyingChainSaw: Thanks – shot with a borrowed Blackberry – my cell is out of juice.

And people were just walking under the thing, not even looking up.

There was a movie about an out-of-control bus (“Speed”?) shot in L.A. while I was working downtown. For a couple of days, there was a SkyCrane dangling a bus, or maybe a bus mockup, outside of an office building while the crew tried to get the shot right. Pretty cool. Never saw the movie, tho.

@Dodgerblue: Saw the movie on TV while traveling. A B- action adventure flick at best no matter how pestorkable Sandra Bullock may be. The bad guy talked way too much and we leaned too little about him, for all the blah-blah.

@Dodgerblue: If there was a bus hanging beneath a SkyCrane that sounds like more like the John Travolta movie “Swordfish” than “Speed”. It’s chief claim to fame was Halle Berry flashing her boobs at Hugh Jackman for a few seconds. Actually the movie was interesting during the discussion of murdering hostages on TV to force the government to deal with criminals.

That was pretty cool. Not bad pics from the cell.

Ever secretive, Dick Cheney arrives at his proctologist’s office in his man-sized safe.

@cassandra_said: ah, big score with the “write your caption here” COTD!

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