Mellbell’s Teabagger Photos

I have selected a few photos for your enjoyment.


Serial liar Betsy McCaughey:








Many thanks to mellbell for braving the wingnuts.


Mellbell, you deserve combat pay; for this, I will cook you another meal, tell me when and what you would like.
Any anecdotes, tales of poltroonish buffoonery?

The guy with the Barney Frank sign is carrying a flag in his right rear pocket. Isn’t that gay code for something?


Doesn’t it means he wants to be teabagged by Glenn Beck?

Somebody should tell the organizers that the Million Man March had more people. That should get them riled up.

Doesn’t seem crowded. I’m sure there were, uh, thousands, but no different than at a ball game (not Nationals or Blue Jays.)

Took one for the team, MellBell.

@Dodgerblue: I think it’s code for throw me down and fuck me without lube but I’m not a hundred percent. Perhaps some of the other sexual deviants who haunt the site can inform us (where is cheap boy when you need him?).

But what is this? A rally for the Fats in DC? Well, they need love too. And Cheetos by the looks of it. I bet there was all kinds of yiffing going on.

Yes, and brava! Mell.

We Heart CIA? Really? I know the story, but still.

Way to take it for the team, Mellbell. I probably would have punched Betsy if I had gotten that close to her. Naturally my favorite is the last one with my long ago avatar… Look forward to hearing the narrative.

The teabaggers are like the old joke about the people revolting.

To paraphrase Captain Hollister from the Simpsons: “Arrr, not a looker among the bunch.”

The guy with the American flag pants should be brought up on charges of treason and crimes against fashion. And felony resemblance of Carrot Top.

@blogenfreude: That’s a man, baby!

@Just Jamie: I would also charge Betsy for wearing the fug-tastic red plaid coat.

@SanFranLefty: Is it the chubby arms? I can’t detect an Adam’s apple from this resolution.

@nojo: The hair is wrong for a mullet. I think it’s a girl.

I see white people. Lots and lots of white people.

@nojo: Chubby arms, broad jaw and forehead. The broad shoulders are what make me think it’s a man. Where’s Mellbell to resolve this debate?

TJ: Watching a documentary on the History Channel on the crumbling infrastructure of America. We are fucked.

Funny how none of them seemed to feel it was necessary to bring a gun – just further proof that the gun-toting at the town halls was all about intimidation.

Mellbell, you are a goddess.

@Dodgerblue: Unfortunately, white seems to be an invitation to mutual masturbation (non-specific to two wetsuits and a dildo). Hmmm. Don’t know if it counts when emblazoned with nonsensical John Birch Society slogans. That said, flagging on the right side, with whatever color, usually = pig bottom.

Paging Mellbell. We need to resolve the question of the gender of the flag-pants person.

@Benedick: Glad you asked.

From my understanding a white hanky means the person likes being ejaculated on, and a black hanky means pain.

And as Pedonater says he is flagging on the right he’s showing he’s looking for a submissive role in this jizz-and-pain-fest.

Is it a strange coincidence that the flag is for the Birch Society? Perhaps an inidcator to the favoured implement of pain giving?

Going even further out onto the limb of hypothetical sexuality, being there is a snake on the flag does that mean he also likes snake bite kits being used on his nipples? (although Nipple play from memory is a pink hanky.)

The Urkel image is actually pretty funny.

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