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This teabagger wins the internets:



Somebody should have asked this guy if having Glenn Beck’s hand up his ass hurts, cause he sure seems like a ventriloquist act to me. And it’s pretty funny hearing about how Obama’s a racist from a guy who is ready to talk about “white America” so readily; did he leave his Klan hat at home?

Also highly likely to be another Medicare recipient against “socialism”.

Also, let’s all cry for the super-rich. The story of the $400k/yr lawyer who’s been forced to make do on only $150k/yr was particularly touching. Also the moving company owner who, after replacing all his salaried (and presumably insured) employees with independent contractors (no insurance and no income stability), still had to endure only being able to vacation in North Carolina instead of Jackson Hole. Oh, the humanity!

@al2o3cr: Trust me, in the wide world of small businesses, especially in that line of business, the guy who even bothers with hiring full-timers and actually making retirement contributions is a hero. He could be pulling up to curbs in the morning at the Labor Pool office and just grabbing teams of transients.


I got the sense that grabbing teams of transients is about one step above what he’s started doing.

I highlighted that part of the article because it brushed off what’s probably a major change for his employees to highlight that he’s had to vacation at a “less luxury” location – as if that was some huge sacrifice.

@al2o3cr: It’s nowhere near the sacrifice of those poor CEO’s who now have to schlep along with the median pay of $7.3 million a year. Quite a hardship to take a 15% pay cut after living large all those years.

Can you even imagine what They might have to give up, just to make ends meet?

My former CEO said something similar to a parliamentary committee, except it was about his kids’ education fund. Awwwwwwww. It didn’t go very well for him as I laughed watching the fucker sweat and almost shit himself in front of MPs.

Compared to the fact that almost 8000 of my coworkers were let go without anything except the remains of their pensions and then fucked by the Canada City gubbiment didn’t help was small comfort.

A month later, he was ejected as it was determined that we no longer needed his GEniuz. Shockingly, no one shed a tear.

@ManchuCandidate: And I bet that was one plush ejection seat.

I will remember to shed a few tears for his childrun’s thwarted edumacation aspirations as I cry myself to sleep thinking oh! the humanity of it.

@al2o3cr: Oh, it is but making payroll from a 20% drop is a freakout moment for any small business owner. Likely the trucking guy actually knows his employees and is trying to figure out how to keep them in enough work to cover their own bills. Putting them on stipends is one way to get the business off of the hook for their taxes and benefits and keep them in work. A stock-held company might just as soon can half the workforce and put the extra hours on overtime – or just hang it on salaried workers.

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