Employed People Can Now Roll in Their Riches

hobo-soupFor those of you poor assholes with a job, congratulations, you may have made more money last year, especially once we account for inflation and all that boring-ass shit. For those of you without, keep enjoying staycationing in your foreclosures, suckers.

The New York Times has this article about how employed people are motherfucking rolling in it these days, like Richard Pryor in that one movie, and then has some sad metaphor about the unemployed:

Try thinking of it this way: All of the unemployed people in the country are gathered in a huge gymnasium that’s been turned into a job search center. The fact that this recession is the worst in a generation means that there are many, many people in the gym. The fact that the economy is churning so slowly means that there is not much traffic into and out of the gym.

They leave out the part where the gym doors are padlocked, and the whole structure is subsequently lit on fire, by Wall Street. Maybe they just assume you know that.

Wages Grow For those With Jobs, New Figures Show [The New York Times]

In US Americal, the stats boys only want happy news because lumping in unemployment just depresses them.

See I thought they were going to go for turning on the gas in the gym but I guess that would be insensitive, since, otherwise, it is such a pretty metaphor. All of us unemployed people, shoved into a gym. I really hope there are mandatory showers and metal detectors since it clear that I won’t be getting out of the damn gym any time soon. Maybe that is the plan. Cage matches and weapons. The possibilities are really endless. Thanks NYT!

So a few thousand Wall Street bankers gave themselves raises in the millions with the resulting average national salary going up $6.00/wk (which works out to just over $1.00/day, $.15/hr, so most likely less than inflation). Big difference between mean and median, Mr. NYT Economics Writer. Plus minimum wage went up last fall this summer.

Based on the unscientific anecdotal sampling system, most the people I know who still have jobs have had massive salary cuts approaching 20%, or at best have had their salaries frozen for the past couple years.

Exactly, the story is really about the metric’s formulation.

TJ: just a reminder that while your typical teabagger is batshit insane, that particular well goes an awful lot deeper:

YouTube – Mars Rover killed tiny humans.

@SanFranLefty: I think I prefer furlough days rather than an outright pay cut, personally, because you at least get a day off from work.

@rptrcub: Unpaid furlough days are a pay cut, though. Especially when your workload isn’t cut 20% or you don’t get a 20% extension on deadlines, and you spend your furlough day working, albeit from home.

@al2o3cr: Thanks for that. Now I have to go hide under the table.

One of our favorite wingnuts raises the ante:

Bachmann: Will Obama Make Us Eat Less?

I’m sure the people back home that voted for her are very proud.

@SanFranLefty: I am not doing shit on a furlough day, unless my work place explodes, and even then, it’s iffy.

@al2o3cr: I’m not familiar with Crazee Eyes’ district, but the homefolk may very well support her. Although I live in a deep-blue part of Sandy Eggo, I’ve met people from La Jolla, and they’re nuts.

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