AfterbirtherWatch: Suckers!

Paper Chase.

An anonymous prankster appears to be claiming responsibility for the Kenyan birth certificate:

Fine cotton business paper: $11

Inkjet printer: $35

1940 Royal Model KMM manual typewriter: $10

2 Shilling coin: $1

Pilot Varsity fountain pen: $3

Punkin’ the Birthers: Priceless

Dave Weigel has the full photo display, and while there’s no telling whether the demonstration is authentic, it certainly shows how easily it could be done — especially if the mark is gullible enough to accept the forgery without having a close look. But how could that be possible?

‘Punkin’ the Birthers: Priceless’ [Washington Independent, via Sully]

Bonus update! WorldNetDaily wipes its hands:

The Kenyan birth document released by California attorney Orly Taitz is probably not authentic, according to WND’s investigative operatives in Africa, though officials in Nairobi do not rule out the possibility President Obama may indeed have been born in their country.

Nice of them to catch up with the rest of the world. And only three days late!

Obama birth doc update: Kenya sources weigh in [WND]

Orly will not give up, I guarantee.

Methinks whOrly speedwagoned through her 15 minutes in record time. Buh-bye.

Also, she’s a lawyer?

I think we need to wait until Cyn, IanJ and the other professionals show up, but the shadow between the “You’ve Been Punk’d” document and the blanket looks mighty artificial.

Ergo, he was born in Kenya. Orly survives!

@The Nabisco Quiver: And dentist!

How did Jon Stewart put it? You can have your tooth drilled, sue after the result, and buy your house with the award — all in one place!

Check this video out:

I have no sound on this PC but just the look on this hospital exec tells me his idea of sex is gut shooting a small animal and sticking his dick into the sucking wound.

I’ve read about this guy – hospital administrators in the south regarded him as the Dr Strangelove of for-profit medicine. Sell or be nuked.

@moeman: From what I’ve heard about him in the trade press, that is a defensible assessment.

@FlyingChainSaw: Please give me a faceless government bureaucrat like myself running the health care system instead of a shark like Rick Scott who pockets every dollar in premiums collected that doesn’t get spent on someone’s health care.

I recently talked about health insurance with my sister who’s a physician. She’s retiring because Medicare is reducing payments by something like 21% next year and her overhead costs will exceed her projected income. She said what you never hear mentioned is that whenever Medicare cuts payments all of the private insurers immediately follow suit to maintain their Medicare plus 5% benefit schedule, all the while crucifying the evil government for harming the poor defenseless doctors.

@Dave H: Right. One relative, decades older than me, has enjoyed relatively robust health but has needed a doctor’s care on occasion. In the past 6, 7 years, four of her physicians just dropped out. Couldn’t take the non-stop abuse, systematic obfuscation, nickel and diming and, hey, just sue us if you think you’ve got a story to tell, fuck-you attitude of the alleged insurers. One doctor I’d see every 5 years or so for one thing or another, cash-accepting GP, is establishing a ranch in Central America and selling the practice, if he can get someone to buy it, a shame given he bought it from a guy who started practicing medicine in that office in the 1950s. He’d abandoned independent practice and become an affiliated practice of a large hospital network after he realized a third of his time was being spent screaming at insurers. Finally, he realized even the big affiliated group could not protect him and he bailed.

From what I read Scott is not a shark. A shark will eat its prey. Scott is a face-biting psychopath. He chews his victims to death beyond all reason.

@FlyingChainSaw: FCS, have you been watching, the brownshirt tactics at the health care town meetings? They are getting more violent. I suspect that this is the uprising we foresaw, they will not do it over overt racism, we hate the black president, they are doing it this way, ostensibly, angry over a particular policy, but its clear, their motivations, and it seems to be escalating.

This is something new in US politics, a black president is unprecendented, and the way the uprising against the black president is shaping out, is mostly unprecedented, its what they did to Clinton, times 10.

Where does this lead?

These are the worst of the worst, the most insane, the paultards, the racists, and the Palintards, joined together in incoherent common cause. Palin and Ron Paul are the ones who give them cover, ostensibly non-racist, but the sheer insane rage of all of them, its giving cover to the racists, and its ugly, ugly, very very ugly. Brownshirts.

@Promnight: Gucci-funded rioters of the type that RNC and their collaborators used at the Miami recount assaults in 2000. Basically, a small meth-sucking, snakehandler minority is being whipped into insensate rages by the RNC swiftafarians. No doubt, for the minions they control, a big part of the attraction is screaming at the Black Man’s proxies but I don’t know if that is what is really novel. Intelligence agencies have been doing this kind of stuff forever: playing off one disaffected group against another or the majority, a la Iraqi Ba’athists in the 1960s. What we have here is the rather openly displayed covert ops of the sort the intelligence community used to run in the third world with some discretion. It’s true that the RNC increasingly integrated covert ops after GHW Bush became chairman in the 1970s – but it was, at least in intent, somewhat covert. Now, the operational posture seems to be, “Oh, fuck, Obama, Lumumba, same shit, different vowels, different decade. Ready. Aim. Fire.”

@FlyingChainSaw: Yeah, but though clearly orchestrated, it seems to have created, ignited, a genuine, if small, base of US americans, maybe 20%, who are true believers. The scary, violent, spittle-emitting Palin crowds late in the election campaign define this group. Even if its only 15%, its real and significant, and they are, literally now, no hyperbole, Nazis, even though they do not know it and would truthfully and violently deny it, because they have no idea what Nazis were, and therefore truly don’t understand that they are, literally, Nazis.

15% is scary; do you suppose 15% of the German people in 1938 were truly, genuinely, nazis? I doubt it was 20%. No, they were gullible middle of the roaders, most germans, who craved law and order and some explanation for their abysmal economy, which Hitler supplied by telling them all their troubles were the fault of the socialists and foreigners and Jews and those who werent true Germans. From their its never far to “kill them all.” Which our american nazis are already shouting.

@Promnight: The parallels extend to the minutest details, Hitler blamed Germany’s loss in WWI on the socialists and jews, and what is one of the GOP’s biggest war drums? “The liberal elite media socialists are why we lost Vietnam.”

One of a thousand parallels.

@Promnight: I dunno. The analogy fails in the first instance because the situation we have would only be parallel if Hilter were Jewish. The states elected President Mochalatte Eelete by a decisive margin and, in the bargain, he is so moderate he would make Ike look kinky in some regards. My fear is that the RNC operations plexus will work to destroy and disrupt all Democratic reforms, halt reregulation of the financial sector and drive the economy into complete chaos – then blame it on the Black Man and present a malleable hollow suit like Romney as the ‘sensible choice to return America to its conservative roots and greatness.’ Romney or whatever crash test dummy the RNC can plant in the WH will not be able to halt the complete meltdown of the dollar and the American economy and, then, at that moment, the states may be at the threshold of a broad fascist insurgency open to be led by a charismatic nut case.

@Promnight: @FlyingChainSaw: @SanFranLefty: @Mistress Cynica:
i’ve been waiting for the opportunity to try heroin……

btw, prommie, you are correct about something i dismissed. the lukididiots israel contends with ARE just as dangerous, and disruptive to the citizens in possession of their minds as the murrcan counterparts.

WorldNetDaily has investigative operatives in Africa?

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