Throw Another Forgery on the Barbie, Mate

The sun never sets on birther gullibility.

Left: The scanned birth certificate of David Jeffrey Bomford, born April 10, 1959, in Australia. If the server time is to be believed, this was posted on the Bomford family website on June 5, 2007.

Right: The Obama Kenyan certificate that’s provided everyone such amusement the past couple days. (We’ve heavily mangled it here to get a rough side-by-side comparison.)

The tell? Both certificates are said to be registered in “Book 44B, Page 5733” — the numbers typed, not printed. The Australian certificate is the original of the forgery.

The Australian certificate also bears the imprint of “W. L. Hawes, Government Printer, Adelaide.” This might explain the price (7s. 6d.) at top, as well as what may be the printer’s catalog number (No. 495). The Kenyan “certificate” shares the price and number, but no printer “signature.”

Finally, the registrar for the Australian original is “G.F. Lavender.” For the Kenyan version? E.F. Lavender.

Which spoils one of our favorite parts of the forgery: The registrar isn’t a laundry detergent.

Kenyan Birth Certificate: PWNED! [Politijab]

Thats beautiful, Nojo, how did you do that? I mean, you know, discover the smoking gun, third bullet, dudes on the grassy knoll?

Nojo, you are la geek di tutti geeki!

Seriously dude, what’s the secret? Where’d you get it? Come on, post it on the world wide web. We won’t tell anybody.

@Promnight: All credit to a very obsessed dude at Politijab, who spent hours on Google Image Search before the Australian original caught his eye in a thumbnail.

Me, all I did was compare both versions for myself, and check the upload time for the Bomford image (as well as the context of the family website) to make sure there wasn’t a double-cross.

Dun & Dun.

This is better than figuring out the difference between a Selectric with proportional spacing and one without. When does Dobbs get the Rather treatment?

Out-fucking-standing! Here’s to people with an internet connection, google chops and too much time on their hands. Huzzah!

@nojo: Awesome work by you and Politijab dude. But why on earth would anyone post a scanned copy of their birth certificate on the Tubez? Have they not heard of identity theft in Australia? There’s probably 300 guys picking lettuce in the Central Valley using this dude’s identity.

@Jamie Sommers: You’re assuming that the truth will made a difference to these nutters.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FOLDS IN THE PAPER, NOJO? They don’t match, do they? And the South Australia seal is bigger than the Zanzibar Republic of Kenya Kenyan province seal!

You’re just a sexist who HATES AMERICA. Admit it. YOU WANT TO DESTROY —

[scrum at CB’s computer; impostor subdued]

Sorry about that. Some people will — [stomp upon formerly subdued impostor] — stop at nothing to get their point across.

Waiting on the Motion to Withdraw Unadulterated Bullshit Motion For Leave To Depose Hillbot 9000 from our mutual friend, Orly.

[P.S.: Orly has all the signs of being a former PUMA in good standing. Any word on this?]

Why should the birthers have all the fun? Can’t we discover birth certificates for people like Boehner that prove he was the issue of a retarded Nazi camp guard and a German Army mule?

@SanFranLefty: The Bomford site is intended “to record the genealogy and history of Bomford families around the world,” including documents.

Poor David Bomford of Adelaide appears to be organizing it — he’s going to find himself a world celebrity in the next few hours.

@chicago bureau: Your interloper ain’t that far off. The Kenyan version is a reconstruction of the original, not a futzed scan. (There’s a field in the original not included in the fake.) Thus, different folds.


If the Kenyan version was real, it would have been printed by a letterpress — metal letters and rules embossed in the page, like older books. Anyone inspecting Orly’s document would look for signs of toner or offset printing. Sixty-second dismissal, tops.

It’s all in the kerning nojo … if you haven’t checked the kerning, this certificate might be real. I demand that you check the kerning!!!11one!

@blogenfreude: That actually caught my attention a moment ago — a parenthesis in the fake too close to the adjoining letter. You can’t do with a letterpress what you can do with InDesign.

@blogenfreude: @nojo: @chicago bureau:

OMFG, this is why I love y’all. A big discussion about kerning and spacing, and of course I already had the kerning thought but was afraid to raise it.

Mwwwahhh!! Kisses, boys!

SanFranLefty: Well if you like that, you’ll love this: a post (set for 10:30ish tomorrow) on Rule 11 sanctions.

Not my idea. FlyingChainSaw’s wish is my command.

@chicago bureau: Honey, I’m such a geek, I have researched Rule 11 or its state counterpart in 4 states, and drafted motions on this issue more times than you want to know. Srsly. If I could figure out which AUSA in LA was assigned the task of responding to Koo-koo-pantz, I’d send him/her a pre-written Rule 11 motion. Find me in the FB sandbox or on gmail if youwan to help me with my Tuesday morning project. Oh, and I’m admitted to practice in the C.D. of California as is our law.stinque partner Dodger, if we need to do a motion to intervene…

ADD: I’d say if FCS asks you nicely (as he is quite a well-mannered guy in person) to do something for him, well, you do it.

This is great. Can file a motion as an intervenor? Can I sign it with everyone as FlyingChainSaw?

@chicago bureau: @SanFranLefty:

SanFranLefty: I no haz FB page. Have actively refused it, frankly. Kind of irrational, yes, but there it is.

Throw me a line at chicagobureauftw [at] g and we’ll get to work. HFA forever.

greetings stinquers, The comment threads on this site are hands down the most entertaining reading on the nets. No, not enlightening, entertaining thanx.

FlyingChainSaw: No, you cannot have intervention. You have to have “a claim or defense that shares with the main action a common question of law or fact.” And that’s gotta pass muster with the Honorable Court.

We’re just bent because this moron has a law degree and no compunction about foisting made up crap on a court. Not enough. Sry.

Ah, but don’t lawyers have a duty to report unethical behavior to the State Bar? They do? Great! (However, I’m fairly sure the State Bar has had tens of calls from bent lawyers calling her out.)

@chicago bureau: Can’t I gain standing with the court if I let them know I have a prehensile dick and I can pick up dimes with it? I am willing to file an affidavit.

@theotherjimmyolson: That’s the secret here — posts are just conversation-starters. The action’s below the byline.

And now that you’ve penetrated our awesome defenses, we insist that you grab a Polygamy Porter and stick around.

Nojo, what would it take to organize a ‘Draft Orly as Talibunny’s VP’ site? She really is the heart and soul of the party.

@FlyingChainSaw: I think the tool of choice these days is to set up a Facebook fan page. Which means I would need to set up a Stinque FB account. Which perhaps I should do.

Actually, y’all: mid-level executive decision. I’m going to have the post up in about a half-hour. I have fear of references to FCS extra-ordinary loins making an appearance in the body of the post. Impressive, though they surely are.

{And I mean no disrespect. As Nojo says — the action is in the comments. This will make this project really go, I reckon.]

@chicago bureau: “However, I’m fairly sure the State Bar has had tens of calls from bent lawyers calling her out.”

You mean besides me and Dodger?

SanFranLefty: Well yeah. They’ve probably been beating down the door. With total regard for civility and decorum, obviously.

Anyways: sanctions post is up. EVERYBODY IN THE POOL!

Following the old saw “It’s only relevant if there’s a local angle” I bring you Mr Bomford.

He is a South Australian Public servant that does believe in conspiracy theories, such as Roswell.

And we all know there is a “Special Relationship” between Australia and the US. Can we say ANZUS treaty?

If you go Here you will find an audio report featuring Mr. Bomford. Unfortunately, is not mentioned by name.

Please note the ABC is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (funded by the Government and has no advertising) and is full of Marxists and Homosexuals. So be warned!!!

If the link above does not work. Go to and search for “Adelaide man caught up in bid to oust Obama”

Doesn’t this mean that the folks pushing this at WND are now being assisted by a foreign power? Isn’t that, er, treasonous?

@CheapBoy: I was hoping you’d find the local angle for us. Here’s the link to the Bomford interview transcript, for those who enjoy Hitchcockian angles.

Mr. Bomford, watch out for cropdusters.

@CheapBoy: Damn it, CheapBoy, what’s the Pine Gap angle?

@FlyingChainSaw, cheap boy: Isn’t that a US American space/intel post in NW Bumfook, Australia? I think that’s the one in “The Right Stuff”.

@redmanlaw: Most accessible contemporary history of Pine Gap and the kind of information that is intercepted there is in the book about the trial of the two guys who were working at TRW and selling data collected at Pine Gap to the Soviets – The Falcon and the Snowman – but the focus was more about CIA meddling in domestic Australian politics than about all the different satellite systems that downlinked to systems at Pine Gap – which is all covered better in all of Bamfords books like The Puzzle Palace. Best writing about it in terms of how the Americans systematically lie to the Aussies and break their contract to share data with them is covered in writing by Des Ball, a university professor in Australia and author of “Pine Gap”.

@FlyingChainSaw: Here’s a little snip of information w/photos from the Federation of American Scientists.

@FlyingChainSaw: Here’s a little snip of information w/photos from the Federation of American Scientists.

More from FAS:

The largest complex in the system is Pine Gap (Fig. 3), which was completed in 1968, at the time of launch of the first Spook Bird Satellite. At present it has eight antenna systems under radomes of diameter from 2 to 33 meters. It is officially maintained that the facility is under joint use by the US and Australia (the open designation of the Pine Gap facility is the “Joint Defense Establishment for Space Research”). But, according to data in the Western press, the principal information processing tasks are carried out by CIA specialists, and Australian personnel are mostly used in auxiliary work and do not have access to all of the intercepted data. In the technical buildings are located apparatus for controlling the on-board systems of the satellite and preliminary processing of the radio intercept data using IBM and DEC computers. More detailed processing of the data in carried out at NSA and CIA centers in the US. For example, decryption of encoded communications is carried out at Fort Meade (“SIGINT City”) using Cray supercomputers which can carry out several billion operations a second.

The Mod Squad, featuring Linque, would’ve figured out whOrly in one episode.

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