World Net Daily. Genius.

Boy, if there were ever an appropriate time to post this video, this is the time.

In response to the Orly Taitz motion to depose Hillary to prove up the forged birth certificate, the other side should simply say: “I’m sorry, mack.  The lady of the house ain’t home.  And, besides: we mailed you people a check last week!”


Operation Rabbit is the best WB cartoon ever, or this is … I can never decide.

blogenfreude: Both seem to fit the spirit of the Republican Party, you’d have to agree.

Firesign Theatre’s Everything You Know Is Wrong is so fucking perfect for the Kenyan Adventure, but alas, I only have it on vinyl. And I’m not getting into that digitizing digression again.

@nojo: It is simpler than you think. I got a cable from Radio Shack and piped the signal from a tape monitor line-out on the pre-amp straight into the sound card line-in. The software took care of the rest, more or less and at maximal bit-rate the sound quality was as engaging as the vinyl and tape source. I was impressed how prepared the sound card was for this assignment out of the box.

@blogenfreude: @FlyingChainSaw: @nojo: @chicago bureau: I assume this means the sound will be worked out by tomorrow. I’m watching a ST:TNG episode on the syphy channel that involves Captain Picard standing up to the right wing fascists; does this mean I still have nerd credentials?

I loves me Bugs, and did LOL at work watching this, especially the cannon.

And I now have the answer to the Trivia question “In which cartoon did Wile.E.Coyote speak” ?

Can you imagine all the hoo-hah that would accompany the release of a cartoon like this these days?

Did anyone watch Boston Legal? We’re on Season 3 right now, and psychopath Lincoln Meyer, who kidnaps Candice Bergen, sounds exactly like Wile E Coyote.


I’d give Wile E. more credit for brains compared to the birthers.

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