AfterbirtherWatch: Papa Bear Sells Out

The flames of Hades make our popcorn tastier.

The Birther story may be dead, but as we Exclusively! reported Monday, the afterlife of that story is gaining steam: the fight among wingnut poobahs whether to take it seriously, and the recriminations against those who don’t.

Our first round involved reputed human Ann Coulter, who in the company of Geraldo Rivera and Mike Huckabee on Fox News, shot down the story so decisively that the first-year government quota of croaking seniors was met that day. WorldNetDaily, official scorekeeper of the Afterbirthers, immediately posted a reader poll questioning her right to exist.

Comes now word of even bigger game afoot: Bill O’Reilly, defending Lou Dobbs’ right to bloviate, called the Birther issue itself “bogus” and “patently absurd”.

“What are you going to do? I don’t know why it’s still around,” said Papa Bear, explaining that he personally dismissed the subject the last time it made the rounds. “That was more than a year ago.”

Heck, he even chuckled.

And rather than admit the obvious — that the media conspiracy is even worse than we thought — WND instead shot back with, yes, another reader poll: “The Know-Spin Zone”.

But unlike our polls, theirs have comments!

  • “They call us names and act like were nine eleven truthers. Its crazy!”
  • “I always thought him to be on the good side and now it seems he has crossed over to the darkside.”
  • “One has to assume O’Reilly is lying like all the rest since there is no way he could have determined either way by investigating.”
  • “I have read that msnbc and nbc now own fox. I think that is why they have turn on the truth.”
  • “Billy O’Reilly is now Barney Franks’ new roommate.”

Folks, this wingnut deathmatch is just getting started. Who will be the next Birther turncoat? Stay tuned!


These people call themselves wingnuts? Where is their resolve?

Shocking. Just shocking. It’s hard to believe that these are the same people who believe that Sarah Palin is a geniuz.

@FlyingChainSaw: Well, this has the mark of real wingnuttia, Stormy Daniels advisor has car bombed, for realz!

Think maybe someone don’t cotton to no porny senators in Louisiana? This gets a diaper, even though its not a sex scandal.

@Prommie: David Vitter works in mysterious ways …

Prommie: Have we overlooked the obvious here? Stormy runs in an industry that — supposedly — has deep and hard (heh heh) connections to the Mob. Stormy contemplates leaving that industry for work where Mob ties are not exactly beneficial. Stormy is being assisted by a guy who wants her to leave the porn industry.

Tic Tac Dough.

@chicago hussein bureau: Likely, her adviser paid someone to bomb his car. Maybe he just did it himself if he didn’t have budget. What does the campaign have beside special effects? She runs ads with her O face shrieking, “give it to me! Give it to me! Your fucking vote! I need it so bad!” Now she has an exploding car. Next week she’ll have some kind of gun battle or boat chase.


/off topic/

Mr. OA and I just returned from Vansterdam, BC, where we did our part to save the Canadian economy. The Lacoste and le château shops on Burrard Street have been super-duper stimulated.

I saw on CTV that Stockwell Day will be leading the Orange People Pride Parade; his face looks like a Coach handbag–yipes!

@blogenfreude: All part of the scheme to promote her candidacy. She fucks! She breaks heads! The diaper people blow her peoples’ cars! But nothing can stop her!

@Original Andrew:
Doris Stockwell Day = The Canada City Male Sarah Palin.

@Original Andrew: Hey, did you see my comment in the Nobody Could Have Predicted post? I’ma coming to Portland in August (weekend of 22-23) and I’m manipulating Pacific NW Stinquers into a meetup! Interested?


Plus I hear she can swallow a whole banana without biting into it.

@Tommmcatt Floats: Yes, and doubtless she will be demonstrating that powerful faculty so necessary to Democrat government during her campaign.

@flippin eck:

I did, and I’m in! It’s on my calendar.

I just sent an e-mail to you; let me know if you didn’t receive it.

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