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@SanFran Hussein Lefty: Its good when they slip and say what they really mean.

TJ/Sorry — lurking with an flv question. Why won’t Firefox’s DownloadHelper convert flvs for me (MacBook)? I am beside myself.

And hey, you know, I just want to honor the troops and their serving us, as they serve us, with their protecting freedom, which is what we have here, the real amercians so cherish their true freedom and hunting, and the constitutional right to personally eat with guns, and you know, the cheechako skinny starlets and their circuses, those troops know what freedom is about, and Trig, also, so we should honor those brave troops, by eating as many xanax pickles as we can.

@Promnight: Oh, did the guy start screaming “WHITE POWER!” at the top of his lungs and shooting into the air with an automatic weapon? I didn’t get to that part of the video.

@JNOV sing sin: No clue how Firefox works, but to convert flv’s I would think you need, well, an flv converter. On the Mac I like Perian, a Quicktime plugin that does the job.

(And if you don’t have Quicktime Pro, you can use MPEG Streamclip for the actual conversion. You still need Perian to read the file, however.)

I don’t know why the tag line on that is the Hussein slip. The more offensive statement is the “he should have kept the name Barry” attempt at clarification.

Who is this fucktard and why is he making me agree with Donny Deutch?

Jamie Sommers: I gotta tell ya — the way that Republican hack got jumped made my heart flutter a little.

@chicago hussein bureau: reeks of a media managed event. I’ve never seen a more artificial moment of outrage.

Nabisco: Mind you, the hack didn’t have to open the door. He could have just called him Barack Obama. That would have been just fine. But: dude plays in the big leagues. He knows perfectly well that Hussein is a code-word, particularly in a conversation about birthers. If MSNBC types took a free shot on that (whether it was over-the-top or not), the hack has nobody to blame but his own bad self.

(Incidentally: you do remember way back when, when some Republicans got in a snit because some people would not address Dubya as “President Bush” or “Mr. President.” That was cute.)

@chicago bureau: I like my hack-jumping to be real, man. Like the way JStew sliced and diced Bill Kristol. That was a thing of beauty. I’d like to see Stewart take a birther behind the woodshed and finish it once and for all.

He’s taken Carlson, he wiped the mat with Jim Cramer, isn’t the heavyweight matchup we’re all waiting for Stewart v. Dobbs?

@nojo: Huzzah! Thanks!

Also, can someone with the OED check the sandbox sometime tonight? I need two definitions. KTHXBAI!!11!one!

@nojo: Streamclip won’t open flvs for me, and I have QuickTimePo’. I have Perian, but it doesn’t seem to help. God, I don’t want to shell out money for TubeSock or QuickTimePro.

@JNOV sing sin:

You may want to try VLC – it’s always opened anything I’ve thrown at it.

Naw, I don’t think Dobbs would really make Stewart sweat. The worthy adversary has not shown him or herself yet.

@al2o3cr: I’ve got the plug in, but no luck opening it — does it have a sniffer?

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