Shark Jumping


On the Sotomayor nomination: when did the GOP jump the shark?

1. When Liddy made the menstruation comment?

2. When Tancredo said that La Raza was like the KKK without sheets?

3. When Newt called her a racist and said she should withdraw?

4. When Hannity said she was “out of control”?

5. When Fred Barnes spewed his affirmative action nonsense about her education?

6. When Pat Buchanan claimed she was an affirmative action hire?

7. When Mark Krikorian said we shouldn’t pronounce her last name correctly?

8. When Dennis Miller did his Carmen Miranda number?

9. When Wendy Long opened her pie hole?

10. When RedState called her “intellectually shallow”

11. None of the above.

If you’ve got another jump-the-shark moment, put it in the comments.


The GOP is nothing but efficient — it used to take weeks to get all this crap out there.

12. When the Republicans show up to her confirmation hearing wearing sombreros, honking horns and demanding that she drop the chalupa.

Besides, any dumbass could graduate summa cum laude from a party school like Princeton in the 70s–everyone knows that.

13. I predict that by this afternoon they will be asking “Is she really an American?” and “Where’s her birth certificate?” and “She was secretly born in Puerto Rico” because they are such morons that they don’t realize that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

RELATED NOTE: If I see one more MSM reference to her being “the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants” I will throttle somebody. That’s like saying she’s “the daughter of Ohio immigrants.” How do you immigrate to a country when you’re already a citizen of it?

@Original Andrew:
Yeah, I could have, but I didn’t want to…

I actually think it’s #1, Liddy. He didn’t even bother with a Hispanic slur – he went straight for her gender.


Did you see that SS was at Princeton right after Alito, and that he was a member of a right-wing student group protesting the admission of women to the university?


When Ms. Sotomayor arrived at Princeton in the fall of 1972, she was one of the only Latinos there: there were no professors, no administrators, and only a double-digit number of students. Princeton women were sharply outnumbered as well; the first ones had been admitted only a few years earlier, and some alumni had protested their increasing ranks. (Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr., who graduated just a few months before Ms. Sotomayor arrived, belonged to one of the groups that protested.)

@SanFranLefty: or “RML, who is descended of the occupants of Chaco Canyon and Mesa Verde” or “Prommie, who is descended of people who didn’t die in the Potato Famine and later came to these shores to be shat upon much as Mexicans are today . . . “

@blogenfreude: You’re raising the bar. “Che Guevera in Robes?” was an over-the-fin winner the first morning.

@nojo: I didn’t bother to list it … seems so tame after the last few days.

@Original Andrew:

Isn’t Princeton the Harvard of Nu Joisey?

Rush tries to top Tancredo, compares Sotomayor to nominating David Duke.

But wouldn’t that balance out an activist court?

I should add, I was considering a list of Unexploited Smears for Saturday morning, but I don’t think I can keep up.

@Original Andrew: Christ, I think even Rutgers is the Hahvahd of Joisey. Glasboro State is the Williams College/Middlebury of NJ.

@SanFranLefty: I think Puerto Rico gained territory (or is it a protectorate?) status in the 1910s, so if her parents were born before that, then technically….

The shark will be cleared when a Murdoch outlet prints the following headline: “Bronx La Bomba”

ADD: I’m gonna have to shape-shift back to my Che Elvis gravatar, in honor of Her Honor.

The Wingnut Id is truly something to behold.

@blogenfreude: Since she’s 54, I’m surprised he didn’t go straight to menopause slurs.

They jumped the gun from the moment the first one opened his/her trap after Obama’s presser was done.

It wasn’t like this nomination was a complete surprise. Her’s was the first name mentioned after Souter quit and they’ve made a big show of preparing to oppose whomever the Unicorn nominated. That they opened with these attacks instead of anything even remotely substantive just shows how morally bankrupt and intellectually adrift they are.

Wouldn’t it just be a hoot if everything they’re saying were actually true, and Maria ended her opening statement at her confirmation hearing by standing up, raising a fist and screaming “!Muerte a América!”

@Original Andrew: But they can’t use it, lest the related photo of Michael Steele also emerge.

Are we having fun yet?

David Shuster: Do you agree that the Obama Administration hates white people?

Tom Tancredo: I don’t know… I have no idea if they hate white people or not.

Yes. Yes we are.

@nojo: At this point, the GOP has ceased digging their hole and now are lying down and pulling the dirt on top of themselves.

@SanFranLefty: Silly, of course they hate white people, otherwise why would they have used Affirmative Action to hire that Mexican chick to the Extreme Court or whatever?

It’s only a matter of time before they start making up stories about Sonya being the bastard gayspawn of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Can we all just agree that the white man is the devil? Thank you.

tj/Break-in alters BD weekend plans. Looking for glass guy on a Saturday morning. Nothing taken except two iHome players.They even left Mrs RML’s Indian jewelry alone this time.

I have been expecting this for a while since the daily police blotter has shown a serious increase in residential burglary, proximity to red hot burglary zone, the economy, active burglary ring(s) in which kids grab stuff for adults in exchange for drugs. Interesting search pattern – they checked drawers and closets in home office, bedrooms. Cop at the house and the blotter say they’re looking for handguns, cash, laptops, iPods. Our computers were stashed or out of the house and they didn’t find my iPod in my fly tying drawer. The cop was impressed at how I hid my gun cabinet (which is also triple locked and bolted to the wall).

OMG! Sucks about the glass, but thank FSM nothing more was taken, and that you and Mrs. RML weren’t harmed.

SO, how do you hide your gun cabinet?

@RomeGirl: I got one of those clear plastic and fabric things from K Mart or Wal Mart that grandmas use to hang stuff separately in a closet. I cut it to fit the visible side and front of the cabinet, put an old baby blanket over the part of the cabinet, and taped it into place. The cop thought it was a mattress.

Brilliant. I love it.

Again, glad you’re OK.

We were robbed once, when we lived in Vegas when I was a kid. I remember feeling so angry and so violated. It’s just WRONG.

@RomeGirl: Worst thing that has happened to me is somebody stole my bike off a seventh floor balcony. How they got up there I can’t say.

@blogenfreude: My house was broken into when I lived in Guatemala decades ago. I didn’t have much at all, but they took my boom box (yes, it was that long ago) and all my cassette tapes, a pair of size 12 hiking boots and my motorcycle. The bike was ditched four blocks away (no key for the ignition), and I told the cops to look for a silly looking 5’4″ Guatemalan listening to Bob Marley and John Lennon and wearing clown-sized shoes.

@homofascist: The blue-eyed devil. All y’all with the brown, green, hazel and violet eyes are off the hook.

@redmanlaw: Oh noes!! I’m so sorry to hear they broke in. Make sure they didn’t steal any credit card receipts out of the garbage-slash-“to shred” pile. Tweakers love to steal credit card numbers.

The cops should hire you to give talks to the public about how to secure and hide your weapons.

That’s awful, but a sad reality these days.

It’s fortunate that they took so little.

@redmanlaw: I am so sorry. What a crappy way to start the BD weekend. And kudos for being the world’s most responsible gun owner. Glad no one was hurt.

@Mistress Cynica: Waiting on the glass guy. The one with the smallest ad in the book was the one who came through today.

JNOV: I am…on the hook, I’m afraid. Damn my Scandanavian heritage!

Good thing I got me a bunch of dark-complexioned heritage.

My Dad looked like a guy off a Nazi propaganda poster. Probably one of reasons my Jewish grandfather stopped speaking to my mother after she and my Dad got married. The very day my Dad got out of the Navy, btw, in October of 1945.

@Dodgerblue: That’s a really sad story. It’s amazing how people’s prejudices can cause them do stuff like that to their own family.

@blogenfreude: That’s so…MacGuyver of them. I bet rope was involved.

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