This is Tragic

Remember before he did Monday Night Football, when he was sort of funny?

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Oh, how the mediocre have fallen a little bit more

Two really, really sad things:
1. Bill-O tries to play simpatico, and
2. there had to have been a “Charo reference in 3…2…and…1” scrolling beneath O’Really for him to have made the connection to Cugat.

Dennis Miller and P.J. O’Rourke, the 80s called and want their zeitgeist back.

lol whut
That’s not even bad-funny it’s just bad-bad. What do you guys think, was he painfully aware of how badly that flowers-in-the-mouth-wtf joke sucked, or was he completely oblivious? Either way, I’m starting to feel kinda bad about bagging on them when they’re so pathetic.

Edit: On review, yes I get paid $5 for every time I say “bad”, sorry.

I think this makes James Madison regret that “free press” phrase in the First Amendment.

He never had any talent. He was only ever angry. In a really uninteresting way.

Is it wrong of me to want to adopt drinkyclown? I want to show him the way of my people.

Tragic is the last few years of Richard Pryor’s career.

This is expected.

@homo limeyensis: I hope that’s innuendo but if not, you have just provided me with the BEST PICKUP LINE EVAR “let me show you the ways of my people” omg yes!
And hey, adopt away! More family is always welcome.

As I have said many times over the years on a variety of topics, there is, of course, a David Cross bit apropos of this (re: U.S. soldiers in Iraq being asked to pray for President Bush):

That is the most fucking imperialistic, egomaniacal thing — that’s craziness, that’s what kings do, kings do that. Was he fucking munching on a big old turkey leg and getting blown by a serf? He’s like, “Tell the troops to pray for their president. A pox on thy house! Yes, bring in the court jester. Dennis Miller, what lovely jokes do you have for me today? Oh, Dennis. What, nuke them all? Oh, yes, that’s funny. What? Saddam makes Cromwell look like Chamberlain? That’s wonderful. You truly are the king of references.”

I had rare occasion to trouble myself to watch his show a few years back when Harry Shearer was a guest, and having ignored most of his post-SNL career, I was shocked at how much of his shtick had descended to blatant pandering.

It was worse than not being funny — it was lazy.

His references make me want to vomit. He blows dead goats. He always sucked, its just that we grew up and with maturity, learned to see it.

If a person I knew in person, in an effort to be funny but also condescendingly superior, threw out one of his strained, pointless, “look at how smart I am” references in conversation, I would kick him in the balls, repeatedly, until he puked.

The pathetic quality was always there, its in the obviousness with which the “intellectual” references are so obviously rehearsed, and how obviously he awaits the opportunity to use them.

“Wit,” what he so pathetically attempts to achieve, is always only spontaneous, and he is so obviously not spontaneous, not witty, but rather someone who strains and rehearses his attempts at wit, that he makes me, always and only, want to kick him in the balls.

Dennis Miller really could be douchebag of the day, every day.

@Pedonator: It could be like a pay-per-minute porn video from the intertubes. I bet it would make lots of money. I know I would get some excitement from it. Such as.

rptrcub, weigh in on this, does Denny qualify as a bottom-bear? Would a gag make him prettier?

@Promnight: I enjoyed him on SNL — by which time both of us were well into drinking age, dude.

But his quality dropped precipitously when he scored his late-night show, which suggests he was propped up all along by the SNL writing staff.

@Pedonator: A gag would certainly make him funnier.

I would pay to see him debate Montecore.

@nojo: At this point in his career, just looking at the camera and saying “Poop!” would be the funniest thing he has done in years. Years.

@nojo: Nojo, his was one of the dark times for SNL, a show that only sporadically succeeds despite the monstrous ego of Lorne Michaels, whose success rate at judging talent and funny is about as far above pure random results is so small it should be adopted as the smallest statistical measure. The “Lorne,” the degree by which Lorne succeeds what a chimp could do at the same job.

I am reminded of James Woods’ bare-knuckled capture of suspected terrorists on a flight shortly before 9-11. Also, he was killer in John Carpenter’s Vampires. He wore that leather and pounded his stake into the bad guys like he really, really meant it.

I swear James Woods is more of a bad-ass muthafucka than fucking Sly Stallone or, um…Dolph Lundgren.

Yes, he really did see terrrists.

@drinkyclown: He would say ” as Napolean said at the battle of Waterloo, “merde,” whereupon I would have to kick him in the balls, repeatedly, until he puked.

@Pedonator: I like James Woods, because he is a fucking smart, egotistical asshole, but at least he has some reason to be that, the smarts. And, too, he was stalked by whatsername, I would pay to have her stalk me, I mastrubated to her in Blade Runner. Sean Young, I still have some functining brain cells, see that. I’d buy rabbits just so she could boil them, at least, I would buy rabbits so the 1985 Sean Young could boil them.

Where’s Snorgtees Girl lately? Where has the joyous lechery gone from Stinque, it was once a fun little part of the mix, but now its all handwringing and seriousness and legal analysis, I want Snorgtees girl.

@Promnight: Kate Beaton has single-handedly ruined all Napoleon references for me, forever.

@Promnight: I think Dennis Miller wakes up every day wondering how James Woods stole his thunder.

Also, yeah, Sean Young has the aggressive crazy that could conceivably make me switch teams. Especially if she has a perfectly-sized dick, not too big, not too small, just right, you know.

Watching Jesse Ventura on KO just now, I kinda wish he was Preznident. He’d be totally kick-ass but still kinda bleeding-hearty about things like civil rights and the rule of law. Except he really needs to lose the modified-mullet and just go skinhead.

@Pedonator: And to think we used to poke fun at him…

But although SBT/Tool/Manikin has been absent from our shores for awhile, Jesse’s appearance is an example of the role Libertarians have in our debates. When they’re not batshit crazy, sometimes they have valuable things to say.

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